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Author Topic: Sumo Wrestling at PorcFest  (Read 13121 times)


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Re: Sumo Wrestling at PorcFest
« Reply #30 on: May 02, 2005, 08:50:12 pm »

If this comes together, I think the FSP band needs to play a little ditty by The Novas!

LOL!  Cool tune!   ;D

Never did "The Hammerlock", but I'm from the land of Vern Gagne, Nick Bockwinkle, Gorgeous George, and the Crusher, so have seen plenty of hammerlocks, full & half nelsons, etc.  I'm definitely into wrestling; Sumo, Greco-Roman, or otherwise at the PorcFest, but I recognize that this may be mostly a rural midwestern thing.  Up until about 50 years or so ago, every summertime festival and get together in the upper midwest had to have wrestling and other feats of strength and agility.  Maybe this is something good we can bring back into a liberty-oriented culture, along with the 2nd Amendment stuff?

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