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Author Topic: REPORT FROM TIM CONDON  (Read 2829 times)


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« on: May 23, 2005, 07:41:27 am »


Lest We Forget...the PorcFest is Free!

 Â      HAVE YOU NOTICED that the PorcFest is (mostly) free to everyone? All you need to do is “make it,” and you get to hear the speakers, mix with the libertarians, go to shooting classes, talk politics around multiple campfires, go on hikes to the top of mountains, and attend the Circle of Liberty and other Happenings...all without having to pay (doesn’t include the NHLA dinner or Michael Badnarik’s courses, or the meals, but come ON, *most* of it is free). There’s a reason for that: If you come to the PorcFest, you’ll fall in love with the Free State. And the function of the PorcFest is to highlight the Free State Project and the Free State. Thus, we’ve decided to make the PorcFest “self-funding” each year. This year we’ve benefitted from some extraordinary friends of liberty, and raised over $15,000 for individual freedom and the PorcFest. Check it out online on the Free State Project web site under “FSP Fundraising at
 Â        SO COME ONE, COME ALL...and if you haven’t gotten your plane ticket, or planned to drive to the it now.



 Â       ...planning is continuing apace. If you want to learn how to shoot, polish your shooting skills, or just “pop a few caps,” it’s all coming together. Multiple firearms will be available for beginners to learn on, including .22 revolvers (excellent learning pieces), larger caliber pistols, shotguns, and rifles. In addition, our shooting teachers (Porcupines, all) are talking to a nearby gun club to the PorcFest for shooting and teaching purposes (they have both pistol and long-range rifle ranges), in addition to talking to the “sand pit” owner for more informal shooting. It’s going to be fun! Bring your ear-protectors!



 Â       Heh! Two weeks ago I noted that the FSP Polyamory Group would be holding a party at FSP Polyamory liaison Denise Penkalski’s motel room “primarily byob, for socializing,” as Denise said. The party will be held on Friday night. To find out the location “tell people to find me and ask on Friday (I won’t know what room number until I check in), or find others wearing the ‘Poly-the-Parrot’ buttons, and they should be able to tell how to find me,” says Denise.
 Â       WELL! Immediately after that announcement appeared, one Porcupine objected vehemently (identity hidden to protect the guilty party), saying “Forget about New Hampshire welcoming the FSP. When this gets out to the newspapers -- and it will, with the translation "orgy" -- whatever tolerance the Yankee Establishment might have considered for the FSP will shut down tighter than a clam. This was NOT the way to win hearts and minds.”
 Â       GEE, responded PorcFest Czar Varrin Swearingen, “I wonder if we’ll get in trouble when we announce the Christian church service we’re holding for Porcupines on Sunday morning?” (No telling what the media could do with that one!)
 Â       Guilty Party responded, “There are people on both sides of the political aisle looking for any excuse to label the FSP as trouble-making goofballs. I hope I'm wrong, but I predict there's going to be a media storm over this, and whatever image the FSP might have wanted to project as serious and positive contributors to New Hampshire society will go right down the drain....Good luck with damage control.”
 Â       In the meantime, there was doubtless a lot of laughter in certain Porcupine corners. So for the statists and socialists who are monitoring the PorcFest Spams, let me say “Earth to statists and socialists: A polyamory social gathering is not an ‘orgy’. And for those of you who were hoping to find evidence of one, so sorry!” I myself (boring old married guy) intend to visit the Polyamory party, and say hello to the various good Porcupines in attendance. Perhaps Varrin and Edie will drop by, as I hope Jason and Mary will too if they get a chance.
 Â      Denise in the meantime has written “I’m not a big one for party rules, but please know that I expect the following, and reserve the right to ask someone to leave my room if they don’t observe them:    
 Â       * Be respectful of the rules/laws of the campground/hotel/NH.
 Â       * Don’t drink in my presence if you’re under 21.
 Â       * Be respectful of all party attendees, as well as my personal belongings.
 Â       * I’m assuming that the hotel will shut down anything too rowdy, so volunteer bouncers (besides myself as party monitor) will be appreciated.”
 Â       WOW. Really dangerous stuff going on there! But, tough as it may be to admit, the Free State Project is about inclusiveness and tolerance. Libertarians are like that. And a polyamory social get-together does not an “orgy” make. LOL!!!



 Â   ...FSP Vice President Evan Nappen has asked me to share with everyone the following:


 Â         If you have ever said to yourself, "I want to move to NH, but I don’t know what I'm going to do when I get there," then PEG may be the answer to your soul-searching. The FSP is a group of folks with a variety of skills, experience, and knowledge. However, we have a common goal --- to live in the Free State. The idea behind PEG is to focus our most visionary entrepreneurs on creating a manufacturing Company in New Hampshire. PEG will brainstorm to determine what product to produce. At this time, a gun factory is a serious possibility; however, what eventually will be made will be decided by the group. PEG will formulate and execute on a business plan. The first meeting of PEG will be at the Porcfest in July 2005.
 Â       PEG will create jobs for Porcupines moving to New Hampshire. It will allow participants to live the Ayn Randian dream of production and profit in the Free State. In order to join PEG, you must satisfy the following five requirements, and be invited to join:
 Â      1. Be an FSP Participant.
 Â      2. Be willing to invest $50,000 or more into the Company.
 Â      3. Have a desire to own, start up, and work for a manufacturing Company in the Free State.
 Â      4. Possess experience, knowledge, or a skill needed by the Company (e.g. accounting, marketing, engineering, sales, law, management, IT, HR, finance, machine shop skills, etc.)
 Â      5. Be a rational, forward-thinking person who is not afraid to be creative or to take reasonable risks.
 Â      Send me your request for an invitation to PEG by answering 1-5 above and emailing them to me at If you are invited to join PEG, you will be told the time and place of the first PEG meeting at the PorcFest. Let this be the first step toward our economic freedom in the Free State. Please note, this is NOT an FSP project, but rather a complimentary effort.   —Evan Nappen


 Â       NEXT WEEK I want to talk There are going to be several Big Meals to be had at the PorcFest, chances to gather together, share the blessed Company of all freedom-loving people, and share water...and food.
 Â       Need I say more?



 Â   ("See You At The Porc Fest"! Note: This is Evan Nappen’s slogan. I stole it to use it here.)

 Â        1. You need to be a part of it! For all information about the PorcFest 2005, go online to Join in both attending and helping to publicize the 2nd Annual Free State Project Porcupine Freedom Festival...aka the “PorcFest 2005.”
 Â        2. FORWARD THIS EMAIL to your own email lists. We all have lists of friends, family, and freedom-lovers we know, and they should all have the opportunity to plan on attending PorcFest 2005. So when you receive this PorcFest spam, pass it on!
 Â        3. In 2004 the We’ll Be There List topped out at about 177, and over 300 people attended. Today there are 232 on the list. See who’s signed up at ...and then add yourself and your family members!
 Â       4. Lodging and accommodations at the Porc Fest: Here’s everything you need to know about the Lancaster, NH campground and motel where the PorcFest will be held, as well as other local lodging; go to
 Â       5. To see what PorcFest 2005 is going to be like, take a look at PorcFest 2004 reports and pictures online at
 Â       6. If you have any questions, email Varrin Swearingen, our “PFC” (Porc Fest Czar) for this year, at, or me, Tim Condon, at (813-251-2626). Many people are helping put this thing together, but we need you too. Help by joining the PorcFest planning email list at
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