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Author Topic: Rei-Pub: Neohantoni  (Read 1593 times)

Granite Hill Kid

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Rei-Pub: Neohantoni
« on: September 20, 2004, 08:34:11 pm »

Perhaps the main idea of my post is inappropriate to this forum, so moderators and frequent posters are more than welcome to reject me or berate my ideas. However, since this is a New Hampshire political movement forum, and since I do post here on rare occasions, I hope to solicit opinions and curiosity here, if no one else has attempted to do so already.

We know New Hampshire was chosen as the Free State because it is, in many ways, the most self reliant state, economically and personally. Unlike many states that were in the running for the final Free State vote, New Hampshire won because of its core beliefs in Personal, Economic, and Political independence. Those beliefs have strong cultural and historical roots, which have been conveyed at length; we were the first of the thirteen colonies to leave Great Brittan; we were the first colony to overtly rebel against Great Brittan; New Hampshire was the first state to draft a self-governing constitution; New Hampshire has the only government in the world that upholds a citizen’s right to revolution.

Today, New Hampshirans are contributing to a bloated bureaucracy, in which wealth redistribution has evolved into Federal wealth absorption. The Granite State loses forty cents on the dollar of federal taxes. Regrettably, much of the money we sacrifice is used against us, in the form of government police, military expenditure, and economic and freedom-curbing legislation. Personally and economically, it’s clear to me—and hopefully others—that through our association with the Federal Government, New Hampshire loses more than it gains. We’re a “donor state” that contributes to a system of coercion and bullying. We shouldn’t stand for it.

So if it is clear, why haven’t secession movements cropped up in New Hampshire? They have appeared in other states that, in my opinion, stand less of a chance to operate on their own, economically. Are New Hampshirans complacent and decadent? Do other people see secession as a viable option? Does any interest to create New Hampshire’s movement to leave this “second empire”?

Personally, I would like to start such a movement or join an existing movement. Anyone else? We were the first to leave Great Brittan, and it would be fitting for us to do be the first again :)


Tracy Saboe

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Re:Rei-Pub: Neohantoni
« Reply #1 on: September 21, 2004, 04:43:48 am »

I'm not in New Hampshire currently, but I would love to join any secession movement that potentially cropped up. When I get their, I'm definitely going to to be doing a lot of activism. Perhaps one of those things will be a secession movement. Perhaps not.
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