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Author Topic: Ways to Distribute FSP Videos  (Read 1215 times)


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Ways to Distribute FSP Videos
« on: October 06, 2004, 09:49:57 am » calls itself "a Video Sharing Syndicate Conspiracy."  It's a peer-to-peer network for sharing open-sourced videos contributed by thier creators.  One of their genres is "agitprop."  This may be a good place to put up any videos the FSP wants to spread.  Only someone interested in political topics would ever access this area, so your audience is self-selecting.

Free Speech TV at also carries alternative documentaries.  

Both of these internet TV stations lean heavily to the left.  However, they agitate for free speech, which is one of the FSP's strong points.  Maybe reaching out to these people with some media emphasizing the FSP's position on free speech?


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Re:Ways to Distribute FSP Videos
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