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Author Topic: Kill your TV  (Read 10026 times)


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Re:Kill your TV
« Reply #15 on: November 01, 2002, 12:36:25 pm »

My TV is used for movies and games. I don't have cable, satellite, or an antenna. I haven't watched TV in months. Don't miss it.

Ditto here, only I haven't watch TV for about 6 or 7 years.  It's so funny when people talk about TV shows to me and I tell them I don't watch TV.  They just keep talking like they don't understand how that's possible.  


Same here been about 5-6 years, I think some folks would buy you a TV if you would just join them in their delusion. "really I dont want it i dont watch TV" : :)


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TeeVee - big wasteland
« Reply #16 on: November 08, 2002, 06:53:17 pm »

We finally have a TV, got a 50 inch for free (it's damaged) but viewable.

no cable,  just watch occasional movies.

Our life is much better without a TV, my husband and I have been TV-free for about 4 years or so.

Can't say I miss it much, I am a news junkie and would like to watch FoxNews on cable, but not that much.


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Re:Kill your TV
« Reply #17 on: November 10, 2002, 01:54:16 pm »

I turned off the television when I saw what is was doing to my older child.  I had a hard time getting her attention away from the boob tube so in 1965 I gave it to some charity and lived without television until my kids were off to college and I bought one for my book store in 1982.

I am my kids are culturally deprived because we have no idea what most of the people are talking about.  All my kids are great readers and all graduated with honors from University of California (one at Santa Cruz and one at Berkeley)  

Television was not a part of my youth because it wasn't available and certainly not in the boarding school I attended.

What astounds me the most is the difference between my kids and most of their friends.  My kids have travelled all over the world and speak 3 languages!  Politically and philosophically they are Objectivists because we spent many hours each week discussing Rand's writings.

My stepson's kids are television nuts and are dumb as dirt.  They attended Catholic schools where no one trained them to think!  They seem to follow instructions pretty well but not an individual thought has ever been tried.  So sad!
No college for them as they couldn't qualify.  They will work for their dad and will do okay.  

If you want children who think, dump your television quickly!
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