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Author Topic: Digital Certificate Of FSP Membership—An Incentive For Bystanders To Join Us  (Read 2486 times)

Frank Cleghorn, 2CA5289

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This would be for Porcupines to be able to prove their membership to those businesses who want to serve them in a special way. There are many of us who’d like to reward other members with discounts. “Foreign” (non-F.S.) businesses might occassionally want to do so too, for we are special.

Advantages are obvious.

This is something that can’t be done privately, it must be authorized by F.S.P., for only F.S.P. can verify its memberships.

This non-obligatory service might require some small (micro-) payments from members for development of the system and its maintenance. Alternatively, this would be provided freely upon financial or other (in labor) donation to the F.S.P.

I’d like to see it designed so that nobody will have to disclose his official name*)—while being able to do so at will—and so that it will support multiple personalities and businesses under a given person. There is a possibility that that part of functionality could be outsourced to some for-profit entity.

There should also be a digital certificate for non-F.S.P. donators to F.S.P.

I believe such service is needed and would like to learn F.S.P. coordinators’ opinion on it.

* * *

Some important additional services would be done by private businesses: namely collecting feedback on particular personalities (nyms), so to reward responsible behaviors. This would also be the base for future court system.

Some Free State corporation should also offer certification of digital identities/ businesses to the non-F.S. world, to take the advantage of the Free State’s coming fame as a global “capital city” of all anarcho-capitalism. Maybe it shall get into joint venture with Lassez Faire City/ Dodge City.

The metioned Free State corporation might also offer importing all the collected feedback from Ebay and other sites, to make it much more—u n i v e r s a l l y—useful.

I will cross-post this to FSP Businesses.

—2CA5289, Eastern Europe

*) maybe except to the F.S.P.
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