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Author Topic: LTE to Nashua Telegraph RE: Eminent Domain case  (Read 1994 times)


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LTE to Nashua Telegraph RE: Eminent Domain case
« on: September 05, 2004, 01:30:52 pm »

Regarding your article (9/2?) on the Nashua mayor's use of eminent domain:

Hats off to the utility company that is fighting back, Pennichuck.   Their willingness to stand up to city hall is having a positive effect well beyond Nashua city limits.

For those who don't know the details, Nashua politicians are trying to take over this currently private utility company against the wishes of its owner, despite the fact that the company is not even entirely *in* Nashua.   The city is claiming "eminent domain," a tactic local governments often use and abuse to force individuals and companies out of their homes or businesses "for the good of the community."  It's perhaps the most common misuse of local government in America.  60 Minutes reporter Mike Wallace calls it an epidemic and has made life miserable for other mayors who've abused it this way.

I have no idea whether the battle is winnable for Pennichuck or not.   But even if it's not, the longer it holds out, the more the company is prepared to fight to the end, the harder it will be for Nashua's empire builders to gobble up the next company on their target list.   A longer fight also means the city will become increasingly uneasy about the media attention being generated.   After all, they're the ones using force here...not the company.  Lastly, a protracted, well-publicized defense of the company will give pause to authoritarian city bosses in other parts of the state.

So I hope the folks at Pennichuck will hang in there and that the public will back the company against the city.  It could be your business they come after next.
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