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Author Topic: New high tech in Coos County  (Read 2311 times)


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New high tech in Coos County
« on: August 09, 2004, 10:39:05 pm »

There was an editorial in todays Foster's Daily Democrat that mentioned a new consortium of high tech companies, led by Honeywell, that is starting something called Banta, which will bring 150 jobs to Coos County, in Colebrook. The editorial didn't say much more than that. Does anyone have any more information?


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Re:New high tech in Coos County
« Reply #1 on: August 10, 2004, 08:04:11 am »

Florida Tech Group to Employ over 100 People in Colebrook

After a year and a half of effort by local economic development volunteers, politicians and others, a technology group has chosen Colebrook for an operation that could employ as many as 150 people within two years.

The effort received a boost in early March, when four members of the CDC, Michael Bergeron of the N.H. Department of Resources and Economic Development and former DRED Commissioner George Bald traveled to Florida to meet with representatives of the consortium. CDC member Charles Aubee, CDC president Benoit (Beno) Lamontagne and Mr. Bergeron made a follow-up visit in May. Later in May, representatives of the Florida-based group came to Concord, where they met with the CDC and N.H. Governor Craig Benson.

The long months of work on the project came to a head last Wednesday, when the Florida group came to Colebrook for the first time. U.S. Senator John Sununu, who was on vacation, accompanied them on a tour of the CDC's spec building at the industrial park, then the entire group went to the Balsams for dinner and a meeting. In attendance were CDC members, Mr. Bergeron, Senator Sununu and Colebrook Selectman Larry Rappaport. The senator, Rick Tillotson and outdoor writer John Harrigan played golf with the visitors on Thursday.

On Thursday, Beno said, he received a call from the technology group that "things looked pretty good for Colebrook at that point." In a joint press release, Governor Benson and Sen. Sununu announced yesterday that Team SRX would locate an operation in Colebrook.

As for a specific location, Beno said, "We don't know." Five years ago when the town of Colebrook received a grant to upgrade its sewer treatment plant, part of the $2 million project paid to build a spec building at the adjacent industrial park. "In exchange we were to create 100 jobs, so this is going to tie in very nicely to that project," Beno said.

The Announcement
Gov. Benson and Sen. Sununu announced yesterday that Team SRX (Sense and Respond eXperimentation), a consortium of technology leaders, will begin a $36 million program of operational experiments with the military to slash the time and cost of developing, manufacturing, supporting advanced defense systems by 50 to 75 percent.

Team SRX is led by Honeywell International and includes Jabil Circuit, Inc., Banta Corporation, IBM Corp., Arbortext Corp., the University of South Florida, and more than 100 other business participants. In addition to its operation in Colebrook, Team SRX will have program activities in Clearwater and St. Petersburg, Fla.; Albuquerque, N.M.; Billerica, Mass.

In its initial year, the SRX program will adapt and demonstrate solutions that will sense equipment performance, provide new or replacement systems to the battlefield in 72 hours or less, and enable the military and a wide range of commercial and defense companies to collaborate in the design, manufacturing and maintenance of equipment for high-tech military operations. If experiments are successful and additional funding is approved, Team SRX expects to grow to include additional members.

Information conversion and support activities to be performed at Colebrook are critical to Team SRX success. If the program grows as expected, Banta Corporation and Team SRX will bring more than 100 high-tech jobs to Colebrook by 2006. Plans call for personnel to include information conversion specialists, knowledge authors, and logistics support specialists recruited from the greater Colebrook area and trained for these high-tech information roles, in part by the New Hampshire Community Technical College.

"At a time when we are concerned about preserving and creating jobs in New Hampshire, Team SRX is developing processes that will create jobs which can be located anywhere with network connectivity--while cutting the time and cost of defense systems," Governor Benson said. "My own experience in the high-tech world leads me to agree with Defense Secretary Rumsfeld that the Department of Defense needs to harness Œthe remarkable genius and productivity of the modern, information-based commercial and industrial sectors that have done so much to revolutionize the U.S. civilian economy.¹"

"We need to encourage greater partnering between our civilian high-tech companies and the defense suppliers," he continued. "During the months to come, I will continue to work hard to increase defense opportunities for our high-tech companies and to encourage cooperation among defense and high tech firms. Our Congressional delegation, our state economic development folks, and Colebrook's economic development team have worked hard to make this happen and we are going to continue our support."

Senator Sununu issued his own statement on the announcement: "Today, U.S. military forces are transforming themselves for rapid response to unpredictable threats. To support our forces, we need to change from a system producing technology whose need and costs have to be predicted 15 to 20 years in advance to a capability that responds flexibly to changing threats." He continued, "The work ethic of Colebrook-area residents is both strong and steady and will provide Team SRX with the employee base it needs to achieve its goals. I applaud the dedication of local business and community leaders who have worked for more than a year-and-a-half to bring its high-tech jobs home. It's a perfect match for a new beginning in the North Country."

The SRX Program
Team SRX will demonstrate that Honeywell and other defense technology leaders, in partnership with the military and high-tech commercial manufacturing and information providers in a process called "sense and respond," can precisely deploy the hardware and software needed by military forces in hours instead of months, while cutting inventories and costs by 50 percent or more. The key ingredients for these solutions are open standards, networked information interchange and integrated commercial military manufacturing.

Team SRX will start operations with approximately 100 personnel. The team's headquarters is situated at Honeywell's Defense and Space Electronics Systems operation in Clearwater, Fla. Jabil, Banta, and other participants will be linked by advanced network systems. Defense leaders have urged industry to undertake efforts such as Team SRX.

In addition to high-velocity design and manufacturing systems, Team SRX will test systems that sense equipment performance and field conditions remotely, transmit data automatically around the globe, and enable rapid replacement and redesign to meet changing needs or threats. Jabil is a world leader in manufacturing and supply chain operations that build and deliver to order complex communications, computing, and electronics systems in hours.

Honeywell, the world's largest supplier of aircraft engines, equipment, systems, and services, operates global systems that monitor systems commercial airliners in flight, increasing reliability and cutting maintenance time and cost. Banta provides information management and real-time supply net that support such services.

Local Effort
"These are the types of employment opportunities that will change the face of the North Country," said Benoit "Beno" Lamontagne, President of the Colebrook Development Corpor-ation. Mr. Lamontagne, Colebrook Bank President Jim Tibbetts, selectboard chairman Larry Rappaport, and local business owner and CDC member Charlie Aubee have met with company representatives over the last 18 months, including two trips to Florida at their own expense.

"Together with the opening of Kheops International earlier this year and the anticipated development of broadband access, the Team SRX announcement is the sign of an exciting new future for the Colebrook area, which has suffered some economic setbacks in the last several years," Beno said.

Terry Margolis, Banta's sector president, praised the initiative and work of the Colebrook and state development officials. "They were insightful, farsighted, and unrelenting. They mobilized resources and worked with us," Margolis said.

³I cannot say enough about the understanding and commitment of Senator Sununu and Governor Benson," he continued. "They are a powerful team. Senator Sununu brings his education as an MIT-trained engineer and Washington experience. Governor Benson is one of the leaders who helped to transform technology in this country, and his assistance has been invaluable.²

Mr. Lamontagne also thanked Senator Judd Gregg, Congressman Charles Bass and Jeb Bradley for their assistance on the effort to bring TeamSRX to Colebrook.

(Issue of August 4, 2004)

Sounds like a real opportunity for you tech people!
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