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Author Topic: Security Concerns  (Read 11042 times)


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Re:Security Concerns
« Reply #45 on: July 29, 2004, 02:32:29 pm »

 ;D *snickers*
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Re:What about the CIA and FBI
« Reply #46 on: July 29, 2004, 03:58:19 pm »

Probably some 28-year old bureaucrat who started out in private security and now is rookie investigator in a cubicle at some non-descript facility has the FSP among a list of assignments.

He's already 16 lbs. overweight and steadily increasing, has 1.5 kids, a new SUV, and just got a mortgage on a small home this last spring.  
He reports to his boss, a 56-year old divorced woman who likes to act tough and who spends half her time quietly checking on her retirement plan behind closed doors, --she proudly displays a signed administrative message from Janet Reno on her office wall.

He could care less about the FSP, and the 9 other politically-motivated action groups he is assigned to observe, but makes sure to do a thorough job of data collection, and would never admit it, but does occasionally go out of his way to highlight more spicy material on the message boards just to ensure that his assignments maintain their "code yellow" status and don't get assigned to the automated observation computer system; as he already knows his job security depends on there being an adequate supply of code-yellow groups.
He hopes to someday get promoted to grade 5 and work on "code orange" groups, but in the meantime, he must bide his time and read and record the internet chatter.  

He absolutely hates the everyday routine of his job, and sometimes dreams of becoming a field agent, which was what motivated him in the first place, but his wife wouldn't have that lifestyle, especially now with the kids.  He still remembers the excitement he had when he passed the test and formally applied with this agency with "Mission: Impossible" starring Tom Cruise, fresh on his mind.  He also enjoys telling a few select friends, who he knows at church, that he works for agency x, and thrills at seeing them intrigued.  He also feels a bit smug at packing a concealed weapon in his state, where ordinary citizens don't have the same privilege, even into his worship services where they are doubly-banned, but such is the burden of public service he decides, oh oh . . . boss alert, look busy! . . . Free State Project, 2005 1Q financial statements, hmm. . .  "good thing I took that business accounting class at my junior college . . . why does this outstanding $1400 liability keep carrying-over each quarter?  I'll make a note to investigate next quarter,  I'll quickly go see if there's any juicy info on the message board. . ."    

You should be a writer, Kelton.  I could picture that as the beginning of a great novel.
"Fruitless, born a thousand times, lies barren.  Unguided inspiration, yields random motion, circumscribed in destination, going nowhere.  Guidance uninspired, always true in facing, stands immobile.  But fixed upon that destination firmly and with inspiration lofted; beget your dreams."
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