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Author Topic: Sunday Morning with Pastor Garrett Lear  (Read 4628 times)


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Sunday Morning with Pastor Garrett Lear
« on: June 14, 2004, 12:06:09 pm »

Sunday Morning with Pastor Garrett

People involved with the Free State Project who will be attending the Porcupine Festival will be treated to a real life modern day Patriot Pastor message on Sunday. Obviously there is no mandate to attend, but regardless of your faith, or lack thereof, I would encourage you to attend the assembly, as all are certainly welcome. Why should you attend? All I can say is perhaps you should listen to this Internet radio interview archive below. You will learn why the metal of this man is different from the typical limp-wristed Pastors running steepled corporations some still refer to as "churches".

Is America Worth Saving? - an interview with Pastor Garrett Lear
-- This link will launch your RealPlayer --

Pastor Garrett Lear holds the ear of many within the New Hampshire state legislature and is an advisor to many government officials on both a local and national level. He endorses those candidates he feels are worthy of holding a position of public service, and encourages others to do so as well. Pastor Lear leads an unregistered unlicensed New Testament Church. That means an unincorporated non 501(c)3 church

See you in Lancaster NH!

Be vigilant, be strong - In His Liberty
Bryan Rusch
National Representative for the Save-A-Patriot Fellowship
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