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Author Topic: new FSP org chart online  (Read 4908 times)


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new FSP org chart online
« on: May 07, 2004, 05:54:23 pm »

Our org chart is now online:

Here's the text from the org chart page explaining why our org chart looks so funky:

You may have noticed that our organization chart looks very different compared with those of most other organizations. This is because we are a very different organization! Our organization chart is intentionally non-hierarchical; every person has an important role to play, and no one role is more important than any other.

The main difference between our organization and other organizations is that we have a "Post-Heroic" leadership style while other organizations follow a more traditional "Heroic" leadership style. Briefly, the Heroic leader sits atop a traditional organizational pyramid operating with a command and control hierarchy. The Post-Heroic leader is more like a hub to various organizational spokes in a wheel, relating to the spokes in an influencing relationship with minimal direct control. In a Post-Heroic organization chart, skills and relationships are more important than rank and knowledge; hierarchy is de-emphasized. You will find the Heroic vs. Post-Heroic leadership styles described in more detail in current management literature.

And here's a pretty informative article on the Post-Heroic leadership style:
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