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Author Topic: more new people in the FSP leadership!  (Read 3395 times)


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more new people in the FSP leadership!
« on: March 26, 2004, 05:56:04 pm »

I'm pleased to announce that we have filled some more key positions within the FSP organization. Please join me in welcoming the following people:

Neil Alexander joins us as Quill Editor. Neil is a software engineer currently living in Oregon. Neil lived in Italy and Germany for extended periods of time. The juxtaposition of the two countries is philosophically breathtaking. In Southern Italy, near anarchy "reigns", while in Germany, every pfennig is examined in minute detail. Leaving the military, Neil spent three years living in an RV and traveling the US and Canada, eventually stopping in California where he met his wife, Jean. Neil calls himself a "neo-objectivist", and you may have seen his nom de guerre on the forums as "Eddie Willers". If you have enough time and ambition, he'll be glad to define that term for you. His only qualification to be editor of the Quill is that his mother was an English teacher. Neil and Jean hope to migrate to NH in 2004 or 2005.

Lisa Goodwin joins us as Director of Development. Lisa claims roots in both Oklahoma and North Carolina, though she now lives  with her husband and son in Oregon.  While her background was originally one of science and math geekdom, proven with a degree from the North Carolina School of Science and Math, she went on to complete a degree in English with a special interest in 17th century British poetry and drama. Now a nonprofit fund raiser by day and an active sci-fi reader by night, Lisa came to her current political dwelling through many discussions of L. Neil Smith's works with her husband, Chris.

And Brian Sullivan joins us as Booth Materials and Special Projects Coordinator. Brian is the second of three generations of libertarians. Still living in Ithaca NY, he is busy making plans to move to NH to finally live a life of growing liberty. He's spent time as a carpenter, basketball player, and rock and roll radio DJ. For the past 17 years, Brian has owned and operated Independent Financial Services, offering financial planning and investment services to families and small businesses. A student of libertarianism, economics and life, he also enjoys movies, music and the web.

Please join me in welcoming Neil, Lisa, and Brian to their new positions. We are lucky to have them on board!
"The direct use of physical force is so poor a solution to the problem of limited resources that it is commonly employed only by small children and great nations." -- David D Friedman, The Machinery of Freedom
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