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Author Topic: Was thinking of joining.. but.  (Read 5387 times)


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Re:Was thinking of joining.. but.
« Reply #15 on: March 27, 2004, 12:25:44 pm »

I think its well worth it to make the move.  I only scored in the 80's on the libertarian quiz, and yet I consider my beliefs to be very radical (60 isn't that bad!).  Your husband may lean Democrat, but you are the activist, not him.  And even if he is, you'll be running in libertarian social circles, which will expose him to other points of view.  He should read Carl Milsted's - it teaches about attracting libertarians from the left and I think it would work wonders to bring him into the fold.

BTW: A good strategy to talk guns to a Democrat is to stop bringing up the Constitution.  Lets face it, do that and you're in for an original intent debate, which does nothing for your position.  Instead, talk about how the War on Guns parallels the War on Drugs - prohibition doesn't work.  Talk about how children would be safer, the inner cities would have less crime, and homes would be protected.  No need to get into assault weapons, having a person on board with handguns is enough for now.  But talk about how gun ownership is better for society.  He's a Democrat, he wants to hear things in terms of security and society - liberty can be preached through those filters.  

Card carrying libertarian here (but only scoring 111 in the Libertarian test). I've been following the development of the FSP since I first read about it on slashdot and had my mind set on joining in some day (although I am loathed to sell our beachfront property), but I have a few reservations/questions.

I currently live in Boston, MA. I am gay and so is my husband-to-be of 10+ years. We intend to get married in MA when May rolls around, but it turns out that it won't be recognized in NH.

He's also staunchly Democrat (scoring only in the 60's in the Libertarian Purity test) with rather backward views on gun ownership. That isn't really a problem since I can live with that even though he refuses to let me keep a gun inside the house (the toolshed is not considered part of the house - thankfully).

We both work in Boston, to which we can commute should we move to NH, but in doing so, we end up paying taxes in MA, which means there is absolutely no benefit to us moving to NH other than for just an additional Libertarian vote which will get cancelled out with the accompanying Democratic vote.

Consequently, I don't see how this could be a beneficial relationship for the FSP or us, although I wish it were different. Your thoughts regarding this would be much appreciated.
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