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Dude, let's set up a meetup.  If you've got other liberty type folks around, maybe we can talk them into making the move.

Never mind all these fascist red light cameras out here, bud.

I'm in Walla Walla, WA, and just started a new school year, unfortunately.  A meetup is pretty much logistically beyond me at this point.  On the up side, I think I convinced my moral philosophy professor cum IT professional and entrepreneur of a boss that New Hampshire is a great state to live in, at the very least.  So that's a plus.

Damn!  So many potential movers in one state and no way for us all to get together...


Sentiment = echo'd.

On the upshot, I think I may have convinced my boss to haul himself, his business, and his close cadre of personal employees to New Hampshire at some point in the nearish future.

Tom Hudson:
We got a new group leader for Oregon and Washington!  Check out the Local Groups page on the FSP site for contact info...


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