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Author Topic: We are being robbed!  (Read 2911 times)


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We are being robbed!
« on: March 12, 2004, 09:17:15 pm »

Consider these facts about the 50 plus generation:*

Financial Status

* Members of the 50-plus population (an $800 billion market) own 77% of all financial assets in America.
* This group owns 80% of all money in U.S. savings & loan institutions.
* Within the 50-65 age group, 79% are homeowners; half have paid their mortgages. Home equity for this age group is $70,000, twice which of people under age 35. Average household income is 20% higher than the U.S. average.

Buying Power

* People over 50 control over half of all discretionary income.
* This group purchases 43% of all new cars in the U.S. The 50-plus population spends more on quality children's clothing for their grandchildren than the parents do.
* This group spends more per capita in the grocery store than any other age group, and eats out an average of three times a week.


* The 50-plus population spends more money on travel and recreation than any other age group, and purchases 80% of all luxury travel.
* This age group gambles more than any other segment of the population.

Its statistics like these that make my blood boil. I know a lot of you on here are about to enter the workforce or have recently entered the workforce. Well, guess what? Your contributions to FICA are going to old people, the wealthiest age group in the country. You will pay far more into this system than you will ever get out in your lifetime. The social security administration hands benefits out to retirees regardless of their income or wealth. There is only one thing we can do about this guys, raise hell in Washington. If you have friends in high school or whatever who are clueless about the money that is being taken from them just show them these statistics and explain how social security really works.
The Federal Reserve & Treasury Department print the currency, the people add value to the currency, then the IRS proceeds to extract the currency.

Solution: stop using government currency.
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