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Are you more of a libertine or a responsibilitarian?

Libertine: "If I want to do something, it's right to do it, so long as it doesn't violate anyone else's rights."
Virtue libertarian: "Beyond not violating others' rights, people also have responsibilities and obligations that may override pure self-interest."

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Author Topic: Libertine or virtue libertarian?  (Read 28062 times)


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Re: Libertine or virtue libertarian?
« Reply #120 on: August 06, 2010, 12:55:02 am »

First of all this is not allegory!  This is a literal account.

Then God would be a liar. Gen 2:17. If we also believe it is the true word of God, we should suspect the rest of the Bible's accuracy.

Yes, they only covered themselves partially (notice the word aprin) and they used fig leaevs (vegetation repersents mans attempts to cover sin with good deeds - see cain and able)

Make up your mind. You said this was not allegorical.

While this is a literal account of the fall of humanity it is also a great picture of our saviour!

Nothing in Genesis refers to Jesus Christ. Not literally. You're pretending that it's metaphorical again.

right and wrong, SIN, are absolute... explained clearly in the Bible.

Please cite to this alleged clear explanation.


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Re: Libertine or virtue libertarian?
« Reply #121 on: August 06, 2010, 05:45:47 am »

Adam and Eve weren't even married!

also the bible never says were all those other people came from?

Was Adam really hundreds of years old?

How did Noah get the duckbilled platypus on the ark?

What exactly happened in Genisis 9:24?  Should Noah have been killed for that?

Also the bible says it is okay to have polgamy... are you cool with that?


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Re: Libertine or virtue libertarian?
« Reply #122 on: August 06, 2010, 07:43:51 am »

lots of talk about morality.  Who chooses what is moral? 

Each person acts according to what they perceive/reason to be morally right and wrong, same as anything. Thankfully, we all seem to have pretty similar perceptions about basic right and wrong. Not quite as similar as our perceptions about physical reality, but very similar nonetheless.

1. An act is good if and only if it benefits others.

2. An act is evil if and only if it coercively harms others by

initiating a direct, actual invasion.

3. All other acts are neutral.

4. If an act includes good and evil elements, the good does not

cancel out the evil.

I'd say that's a pretty excellent start ... I pretty much agree. I would probably say it's possible for indirect harm to also be evil, depending. Personally, I might also characterize self-destructive behavior as "evil" in a sense, and self-constructive as good.


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Re: Libertine or virtue libertarian?
« Reply #123 on: August 06, 2010, 08:34:06 am »

This got way off topic, so I'm locking it. I believe there are some threads in the Religion & Liberty forum already discussing the Bible issues.
"Educate your children, educate yourselves, in the love for the freedom of others, for only in this way will your own freedom not be a gratuitous gift from fate. You will be aware of its worth and will have the courage to defend it." --Joaquim Nabuco (1883), Abolitionism
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