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Author Topic: Ned help on this form  (Read 1932 times)


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Ned help on this form
« on: February 11, 2004, 09:00:24 pm »

If you can help it would be great.

Below is a short, simple SURVET FORM.  Anyone who can cut it, past it into an email to me with your shrot answers - I WOULD GREATLY APPRECIATE IT.                                                              I have a job offer in NH, I am living here now, but they need me to have FIFTY (yes 50) of these things done by Feb. 20th.  It is a slaes job, so I think they want to make sure I even know 50 people here.                          I will NOT use the form you send to me, I won't try to sell you ONE thing.  I just need some help getting these done.

Thank you so much.


 Market Opinion Survey





1. How do you feel, in general, about the financial services industry?

2. How would you describe the ideal financial advisor?

3. Do you save regularly, or just when you can?

4. Which of the following financial instruments do you use?
     __   Savings accounts?
     __   Stocks or bonds?
     __   Money markets?
     __   Insurance policies or annuities?
     __   Mutual funds?
     __   Certificates of deposit?

5. Do you own any life insurance, other than group insurance?

6. When was the last time your insurance program was reviewed?

7. Have you ever had a comprehensive written financial plan prepared, by someone other than  yourself?

8. Do you prefer investing in individual (i.e. stock) issues, or pooled investments?

9. The organization I am considering is a financial planning firm which does work with both insurance
and investment products. What advice could you give me that might help me decide about this possible career change?

10. If I decide to make this career change, would you have any objection if I called on you (with a
 professional advisor accompanying me) regarding your financial goals?

11. I'd like to get opinions from some people I don't know. Would you give me the names of four or five people I could call who might he able to give me some input about my career decision? Ideally,
I'd like to talk to people that you might call if you were considering a career change.





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