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Author Topic: My First Post  (Read 2231 times)


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My First Post
« on: October 08, 2002, 07:21:17 am »

This is my first post so I'll introduce myself.  First, I'm brand new at this posting...I've been a member of the Libertarian Party for several years but FSP only for a month or two.  I'm open-minded about the deficiencies of the LP, though.  Encouraged about the FSP. I'm in this for the long haul.

I may not check the Forum everyday but I would like to hear from those other folks in FSP or interested in FSP who happen to be living in Florida (i.e., Reaper, Jhogun, Zack Bass, etc.).  You can go to Chris' website (Chris for Liberty) and find my e-mail address there.  I just signed the guest book earlier today.

Lots of what I've found on the Forum has been interesting and sometimes new to me.  Not Vin Suprynowicz nor Claire Wolfe, though.  But I keep learning new stuff.  I like Neal Boortz out of Atlanta and I also like the website, "Doing Freedom", if any of you have not had the opportunity.

Thanks for your time.  I'll be back on here when I can...

Molon labe,


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Re:My First Post
« Reply #1 on: October 08, 2002, 06:28:49 pm »

vbarco, nice to meet you.  I don't post much, but I check in pretty regularly.  I've been over in Clearwater for 2 months now.  Before that I was up in Tallahassee.  I'm a police dispatcher, or was up there.  I'm trying to get a job doing that here, but government inefficiency applies to the hiring process as well, and I'm still waiting to hear from agencies I applied with before I moved here.
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