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Author Topic: Stop Environmentalism--uphold Reason, Individualism, Capitalism, and Technology.  (Read 13830 times)


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But landowners began to think of how much richer they could be if they could remove the "commoners" and use the land themselves. They began to plant hedges or otherwise bar the way onto lands that had been used and depended upon by nearby families for centuries. This practice became known as "enclosure." Eventually the British Parliament bowed to the will of wealthy landowners and passed Enclosure Acts that stripped commoners of their property rights.

Isn't that what barbed wire did in the West? (Like you can plant hedges in the West! ;) )

Sorry to get off topic, but has anyone seen "Open Range"?

Actually, in the West, it was the big cattle barons who were against barbed wire and for the commons. The Open Range act required that those homesteaders who did not want their crops eaten and sheep trampled by cattle herds, they needed to fence their land to keep the cattle out. Thus, it was the little guy standing up for private property and wealthy interests imposing common rights (theirs) against the little guy.

Thus beginning the goverment enforcement of exclusive title and the attendant beholdeness of the 'little guy' to the tax man.  :)

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