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Author Topic: Looking for job next summer  (Read 2293 times)


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Looking for job next summer
« on: December 10, 2003, 10:04:35 pm »

Hello all,

I am a college student from Oklahoma, attending Boston College.  I recently signed up to be a Free Stater (yay!)...easiest decision I ever made.  In preparation for my eventual relocation to NH, I would like to work in the state this summer, preferably with/for other Free Staters, hopefully doing something that could lead to a job upon graduation in May 2005.  I have a solid resume and excellent personal references, which I would be happy to send to anyone who requested a copy.  (I will also be posting my resume online soon.)  A brief description, just so you don't waste your time in case I am unqualified for your position:

--Major in History, minors in Philosophy and American Studies
--Volunteer experience in political campaigns and with non-profits
--Previous work experence with city of Moore, OK, and in restaurant, library, and phone center
--Graduate of the Oklahoma School of Science and Mathematics, and its intense two-year college prep program
--Hard worker (Eagle Scout; 2001 Nat'l Merit Semifinalist)
--Fast learner
--Excellent writing skills
--Ability to meet deadlines
--Can handle a great deal of responsibility
--Can work well alone or as part of a team

I realize that you have nothing but my word on the above statements.  Upon request, I will furnish whatever proofs you might require.

I feel confident that I would fit well into a variety of positions.  I have no problem with desk work.  I have no problem with menial work.  If I needed any additional skills to fit your requirements, I would make every effort to learn them.  What I am really looking for is a job that would challenge me, that (preferably) offered advancement possibilities, and that would welcome someone who has an extensive base of knowledge, a serious and committed work ethic, and is ready and willing to prove himself capable to the satisfaction of any skeptics.

The reason I am taking such a drastic step in order to find summer employment (and possibly future employment) is because I am fed up with the "collegiate" way of doing things.  Sign up at the Career Center.  Go to job fairs.  Leave your resume.  Then wait to hear back from companies who have resumes from a thousand other people that look just like yours.  I don't know about you, but I hate that.  I feel that I am an individual, and that I cannot be reduced to a piece of paper (although I made an attempt above to do just that).  I want to work with someone who feels the same way, and I believe that the Free State Project has already signed up a substantial number of those people.

If you were to hire me, you wouldn't be hiring just some lackey who did X and Y without having any opinions.  You would be hiring a responsible, respectful, intelligent young man who would do his job, but would not be afraid to express his opinions and offer his ideas.  I know that among the people who read this board, there must be someone who wants such an employee, someone who hates buzzwords on resumes and in job descriptions, someone who is maverick enough to appreciate my efforts to solicit employment.  If you are reading this, and if I just described you, then you are the type of person I want to work for.  Please reply, either on this board or by e-mail.  I will answer all questions promptly.  If hired, I will not let you down.
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Re:Looking for job next summer
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