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Author Topic: Take heart libertarians even if you don't have "official" numbers.  (Read 2084 times)


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Hello All

I am new here. So let me introduce myself before I jump into the topic. I am a 19 yr old college student at a Midwestern University.

Now that done :)

There are many of us who haven't joined the Free State Project officially but will move to the Free State if we can find a job there. On couple of other libertarian boards I have found similar sentiments expressed. Many do not want to committ as there is no guarantee that they will be able to get a job. However, they will do their best and if they find one, they shall move.

I do not know I will find a job in Free State after graduation but that will be the place I will be searching hardest and giving the first priority.

So take heart, even if you get something like 15 - 16 thousand, there are a few thousand unofficials like me.

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Re:Take heart libertarians even if you don't have "official" numbers.
« Reply #1 on: January 29, 2004, 01:33:09 am »


Your commitment to move is contingent upon membership reaching 20,000, and then you still have five years after that to move.  It'll likely be several years before we hit that 20,000 level, so you've got plenty of time before you'd have to move.  

Here is the relevant part of the FSP participation guidlines:

Once 20,000 people have signed the Statement, participants in the FSP shall move to the state decided upon as expeditiously as possible and absolutely within five years of the crossing of the 20,000-signer threshold. Should the Project never attract 20,000 signers, the move shall be aborted.

There are never any guarantees in life.  There's no guarantee that you'll secure a job anywhere.  It's really up to you to make it happen in NH or any other state.  You are young, and you are in college.  Study something that will enable you to start your own business.  If you prepare for it, you won't necessarily need to find employment working for someone else.  

If you are in agreement with the objectives of the FSP, if you really want liberty in your lifetime, then it is encumbent on you to help make that happen.  Don't count on someone else doing it for you.  Really, the project needs people who will help make this a reality.  It won't happen if enough people don't join as members.  
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