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Author Topic: Cost of living and salary  (Read 3129 times)


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Cost of living and salary
« on: November 21, 2003, 02:36:50 pm »

I know there are a lot of salary calculators out there and cost of living calculators but I'd rather get some more first hand info if I could.

I've been checking out BAE as a possible transition company, they do almost the exact same work that my company does. They're even a competitor on the current project that I'm working on.

Though I started looking at property in Nashua and it's quite expensive. Though I'd have good voting impact if I were in that district.

Looking at housing prices in that city, I didn't hit any 'non-condo' housing until the prices were over the $200,000 mark. Here in GA I own a house on 3 acres about 5 minutes from work, I only paid $80,000 for it and my property taxes are only $800.

I've been working at my current job for 6 years, I make $60k with great benefits (4 weeks vacation per year after 5 years).
I'm just wondering what type of salary might I expect working the same position (Software Engineer) at BAE in Nashua.
I think a salary calculator set me at $90k in Nashua, but with the extreme difference in housing prices I doubt $90k a year would give me anything close to what I have now. Anyone with any insight into that part of New Hampshire?
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