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Author Topic: Colleges, Companies, and First Posts Oh My!  (Read 2165 times)


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Colleges, Companies, and First Posts Oh My!
« on: November 19, 2003, 10:03:59 pm »

(I apologize in advance for cross-posting this, I hope I don't irk anyone)

While I am new to the Free State Project I find myself very muchly inline with the views which are embraced by the project. Infact, for years I've wondered why someone hasn't done this. And now they have. I have not signed up as a member yet because I'm not sure of where I'll be over the next few years, but I definitely have strong interests in moving to New Hampshire.

There are two major concerns which I've struggled with over the past few months, in my deliberations about moving, and they follow:


There are two schools in New Hampshire worth attending, in my humble opinion, one being the main public school, UNH, which is a mid-grade state college and should likely only be used as a stepping stone. The other is Dartmouth, which as we all know is an extremely selective and generally high-grade private school. This does not leave a great amount of room for variety and between the two schools I can't imagine they have a focus on many differn't majors. Beyond this, there aren't any JD or MD colleges in the state, to the best of my knowledge.

If you're willing to commute, you open up your options a great deal. From New Hampshires borders you have a great deal of latitude, with choices ranging from Vermont to Massachusets to possibly even Maine.

This leaves me at a stand still. Unless I get into Dartmouth, which is a stretch, I'll have to attend a school out of the state, involving driving between fourty five minutes to an hour, which, while is not something I have a problem with, as I've been doing it for years, definitely affects your ability to get involved with the school.

Name - Location ( rank) - Closest NH city - Miles - Travel time

Top Liberal Arts
Amherst College - Amherst, MA (2) - Brattleboro - 39.22 - 53
Wellesley College - Wellesley, MA (4) - Nashua - 41.98 - 53
Bowdoin College - Brunswick, ME (10) - Portsmouth - 76.87 - 76
Smith College - Northampton, MA (15) - Brattleboro - 39.69 - 45
Bennington College - Bennington, VT (70) - Brattleboro - 40.34 - 57

This is by no means complete, only evaluating private liberal arts schools. There is a horde of university's in the Metro Boston area, largely public, that would also be possibilities. At the public schools you will likely be charged as much as a private institute based on the fact that you're an out of state student.

Personally, I'm looking to attend a decent undergrad and double majoring in Political Science and Economics with the intent to go on to law school. Any suggestions, or opinions?


With a great number of us being accomplished businessmen sharing a common work ethic (maybe?), I'm wondering what it will be like relocating in regards to starting new projects or old ones over.

As we all know one of the most difficult parts of starting a new company is getting the right men to work with you and picking up those initial customers to make the company self-supporting. What I'm curious about is what the Free State Project is going to do, and is doing, in order to help us succeed in this crazy endeavour of ours, especially economically. Are there boards where we can post our resumes / projects / interests, in order to find people and companies of like mind? If we use the network of the project to facilitate startups, we're going to come out of the red a lot more quickly.

Personally, I've been working on starting a technology firm mostly focused on network design and hardware repair, but also stretching into most every area of computer service. I also run a heating company in Maine which I've considered creating a branch of in New Hampshire. We deliver fuel and do service work, currently. With this company especially it's next to essential to have a) a handful of respectable employees who are willing to do their jobs well and b) a customer base to afford the immense costs of insurance and certification (though I have yet to do a large amount of research in the differences between Maine and New Hampshire). Where I'd benefit most is from knowing about local area businesses who are interested in my services, before I set up shop.

Overall what I'm getting at is that you've got a great thing going here. Let's continue to build on it and make this transition as seamless as possible.

ps. After writing this I found a large number of resources to help with the business side of things. I'm going to leave the message intact, however, and hope that I don't irk anyone. I do suggest, however, that we split some of these boards, and possibly collect them into one central location. Specifically, B2B, Looking for Employees, Looking for Employers, and Business Creation Help would be nice categories.


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Re:Colleges, Companies, and First Posts Oh My!
« Reply #1 on: November 20, 2003, 11:35:18 am »

Regarding colleges, you missed some of the private, liberal arts colleges in NH: Colby-Sawyer (not to be confused with Colby in Maine), New England College, Rivier and St. Anselm. There is also an independent law school, the Franklin Pierce Law Center. Dartmouth does have a med school, biz school and eng. school. If you go down to the NH Education section in the Colleges thread you'll find more discussion and links.
The small colleges in southern Maine: Bates, Bowdoin, Colby and New England Univ. are certainly worth considering but I'd check out the NH schools first.

And don't sell yourself short, if you have a good shot at Amherst, Smith and Wellesley then you also do at Dartmouth.
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