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Author Topic: Is my fiancee a member of the FSP?  (Read 4874 times)


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Re:Is my fiancee a member of the FSP?
« Reply #15 on: November 16, 2003, 06:14:40 pm »

I've always believed that conformity is theft from posterity.

While I agree that politics is not the most important think. Principles are.

It is one thing to find some woman to "get laid", but quite another to marry someone.
Think. Think about commiting your life to someone.
Do you believe that your desire for liberty and their desire for slavery is a defference of opinion?

"Any love, any other loyaty you choose to share your life with must be travellers going under their own power and in the same direction...."

I may have screwed up the quote a little but it was written by Rand.

A great series of essays dealing with the moral embessalment of men who choose to be with woman who have "bad principles" because they want to "get laid" is on titled -Vagina it is not a panicea, though it may feel like one.
Morality & Ethics are more important than law & order.
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