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Author Topic: October 17th Article, Rockingham News  (Read 1962 times)


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October 17th Article, Rockingham News
« on: November 02, 2003, 04:43:28 pm »

I apologize if this has been posted before.  I didn't see a thread on it.  This is a charming article.  That it starts off quoting Thoreau is a decidedly good thing!

The motto of members of the Free State Project could very well be summed up in a statement made by Henry David Thoreau over 150 years ago: "That government is best which governs least."

In many ways, Thoreau could have been speaking about the philosophy of many New Hampshire citizens when he wrote those words, and now we are set to find out if that philosophy can be lived in our very complex modern age.

On Wednesday, the Free State Project, which seeks to ultimately move 20,000 people to a state in order to test the efficacy of that philosophy, announced that New Hampshire has been chosen as that state. In many ways, we feel honored by that choice.

Obviously, the approximately 5,300 people who have pledged to be part of the project - 55 percent of whom voted to make New Hampshire the test case for living their dream - felt that the "Live Free or Die" attitudes - a penchant for small, lean governments and an accent on local control that we Granite Staters so often tout - were true. So true, in fact, that they are willing to pack up their homes and families in order to come here.

It is a tangible endorsement of the way of life we have sought to establish in this small, but vital, New England state.

There is little doubt the Free Staters who will actually come to New Hampshire over the next decade or so will be activists seeking to make changes. They may push for the legalization of marijuana - at least for medicinal purposes - seek to further loosen restrictions on gun ownership and/or try to lift the yoke of federal government even more by rejecting funding that comes with "strings," such as highway money and social service grants.

Particularly now, as our first-in-the-nation presidential primary nears and special interests send tons of money to the state, it is refreshing and heartening to see a group of people willing to, quite literally, walk the walk in an effort to create the political environment they see as most in keeping with the principles on which this country is based.

However, we would be remiss if we did not remind those coming here of several important facts.

The first is that we don’t cotton to Free Staters who are planning to come here as freeloaders. We expect you not only to participate in our political process, but add to our economic well-being as well.

Secondly, we are all for political change, but not dissolution of our government. Of all the states in the Union, as you have already noted, ours is one where government at all levels is closest to the people. We are looking forward to seeing your reactions at our town meetings or polling places when issues such as whether your adopted town needs a new firetruck or garbage packer come up.

In New Hampshire we have met the government, and here, perhaps more than any other place, it is us.

Finally, we believe in engaging in civil dialogue that allows for the expression of the views of all those interested in making them known and letting the majority rule. No individual or group should think that their numbers or the use of intimidation tactics or economic boycotts will be effective in subverting that dialogue.

So, we applaud your resolve and what you will and have sacrificed in attempting to increase liberty in our state for all of us. We believe we can be good neighbors and allies in working for the benefit of all the citizens of New Hampshire.
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