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Author Topic: Revolution & Music  (Read 19359 times)


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Re: Revolution & Music
« Reply #45 on: November 06, 2006, 02:49:31 am »

I write songs for fun, and when we relocate to NH in Spring of 2007, I'll be keeping an eye out for people to play music with.  I'm mostly a singer, I just play guitar to write songs and to accompany myself when I don't have a band behind me.  We will most likely be in the general area of Manchester when we do move.

Here's me singing a song I wrote... the recording quality is horrendously bad, and as I say I'm not much of a guitar player:

And here's me singing a cover of an old Merle Haggard song... again, the recording quality is pretty bad, and I had to use the same acoustic guitar to do the bass and the solo because I was in China and that's all I had!

I'm not exclusively into country, by the way... it's just an easier idiom to screw around with when all you've got is an acoustic guitar to work with.  I can sing pretty much any genre or style you like, as long as I feel good about the material... and writing lyrics is a breeze for me.

If you're a musician living within about 50 miles of Manchester and you'd like to get something going on next year, drop me a line and we can talk about it.
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