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Author Topic: ODP Editors Needed!  (Read 3286 times)


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ODP Editors Needed!
« on: October 13, 2003, 12:08:56 am »

The Open Directory Project is a human powered search engine. Volunteer editors select a category (or ‘cat’) then under the cat heading provide links to appropriate, content rich web sites.

I will be presenting the ODP from three angles:
A) Breaking the FSP information bottleneck.
B) ODP market share.
C) Shaping the political debate.

A) Breaking the FSP information bottleneck.

The FSP has attracted many, well motivated information collectors. However, there is a continuing problem with organizing the information in ways the rest of the membership can get ready access to.

There are three ways that the Open Directory Project can help the FSP to resolve this information bottleneck:

1) Become a freelancer. Submit web sites to the appropriate cat.
2) Become an editor.
3) Build an FSP version of the Open Directory Project.

As for item 1, anyone can submit web sites. No commitment of time is needed, you need not disclose your identity and no one will second guess your actions. The drawback is that it may take quite a while for a submitted site to get posted.

As for item 2, ODP is in need of editors and will likely approve your request to become one. The drawback is that you will need to commit to a certain amount of editing effort, tell them who you are, and meet a set of minimum standards.

As for item 3, the Open Directory Project is an open source, copyleft operation. Building a version dedicated to the interests and goals of the FSP is, I am told, a fairly straight forward bit of programming. Furthermore, the FSP version need not set up a parallel system of editors. All freelance submitters and editors continue to deal directly with the Open Directory Project. The FSP version would be, in effect, just a bunch of links to the ODP.

Here is a link to further information about building an FSP version.

B) ODP market share

The Open Directory Project is possibly the most influential search engine on the internet. It is not only the ‘The Directory’ for several very popular search engines, it is the actual search engine for quite a few more.

Check out the ‘Directory’ button on Google.
Yahoo presents the complete directory as part of its home page.
Altavista uses a copy of the OPD structure and much of its content.
The Lycos home page is the same as the directory.
All The Web. It is not clear what the relationship is here. I think All The Web is the same as ODP.
AOL search is ODP based.
Ask Jeeves is ODP based.
At one level or another, ODP has been translated into almost every language on earth.

C) Shaping the political debate.

From looking at B), it becomes clear that an ODP editor is able to reach a large, educated, computer literate audience.

Coincidentally, ODP needs editors in a wide number of American governmental and political cats.

With Free State Project / Libertarian editors in charge of these cats, a freedom orientated viewpoint can replace the current statism-by-default viewpoint.

Check out these cats:
This is for State and Federal Governments.
This is for general politics.

In following posts to this thread, I will present cats which could be of use in an FSP version. Anyone who is interested is welcome to join in.
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Re:ODP Editors Needed!
« Reply #1 on: October 13, 2003, 06:32:14 pm »

What I dislike about the DMOZ directory, is that in its attempt to be "comprehensive", it becomes very link heavy, especially with sites that are transient or not maintained.

There are also currently two directories I am aware of that are oriented for libertarian links.

Free-Market.Net Directory

Tends to be very "issue-activism" oriented, and may not be well maintained since Free-Market.Net was sold to ISIL.

Laissez Faire Capitalism Directory

This is one I put together. I've tried to keep it very concise. There are several areas I haven't finished building out, and I've neglected it for the past year or so.

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