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Author Topic: Verbal arsenal for LTE's  (Read 2590 times)


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Verbal arsenal for LTE's
« on: October 11, 2003, 03:17:19 pm »

I wouldn't ever want to apply the "talking points" approach to our merry band of unherdable cheetahs... but it's alway nice to have an arsenal of verbal weaponry to raid during the Protracted Conflict with Nanny Gov.  
One tool we can use to good effect in our Letters to the Editor is this list of "new names" for authoritarian institutions and schemes.  Keep 'em laughing and entertained with this phrasology and they can only dislike you so much.  :)

This list comes from free staters of all stripes and is culled from our archived discussion over at


IRS = "Internal Robbery Squadron," Internal Redistribution Service,  Infernal Revenue Service, Eternal Revenue Service
NEA = The National Education Assassination
Publicly funded =  Coercively funded
NASA = The National Against Space Administration or Not Anytime Soon Astroministration
FDA = Federal Delay Association, Federal Data Administration:
HUD = Housing and Urban Devestation, Housing and Urban Dependency

ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS =  The Nanny Networks. (To be used with caution, since we have to befriend some who work at these places)

Department of Defense  = War Department.    
Gun control = Gun owner control
Social Security = Socialist Security
The Whitewash House
House of Whose Representatives?
Chief Injustice

Executive Order = executive edict
Census = inventory (in its modern useage)
FICA = Federal Income Confiscation Act
Progressive tax system = various levels of Tax Hell for unrepentent wage-earners
Sales Tax = Luxury Tax
Luxury Tax = You still have something left over?!
Alcohol Tax = Prohibition Fine

Public education = indoctrination at your expense
Targeted tax-cut = discrimination and class warfare
Diversity = political beauty is skin deep
Gridlock = disagreeing with the Left
Bipartisanship = agreeing with the Left
OSHA = Overblown System to Help Accidents

DOPE = Department Of Public Education

Government schools =  "reproductive organs of the welfare state!"  (that's from a Vin article)
"campaign finance reform" = "incumbent protection reform".
Universal health care = "universal bad health legislation" or "queue up and die legislation".
State Department = call them after the military states the accepted surrender terms; also Department of France
Department of the Interior = Department of the Posterior
Secret Service = Servants of Cthulhu
the former INS (I've heard it has a new name) = Welcome Wagon
Health and Human Services = Stealth Inhuman Servitude
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