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Author Topic: Two Membership Votes (important message for all FSP members)  (Read 5964 times)


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Two Membership Votes (important message for all FSP members)
« on: August 28, 2002, 12:29:22 pm »

 There are two rather big issues relating to choice of locations facing the FSP.  One has to do with the annual meeting, which has been discussed rather sporadically here but more intensely on the business email list.  There are two proposals on the table: 1) to hold the meeting in the major city near where our corporate headquarters located, namely, Las Vegas; 2) to hold 3 separate meetings in various candidate states: April in Dover, Delaware, July in Missoula, Montana, and October in Manchester, New Hampshire.

The advantage of holding the meeting in Las Vegas is that it won't bias people toward a particular state when it comes time to vote.  The advantage of holding meetings in candidate states is that we'd be able to check them out & meet other FSP people at the same time.  At a meeting in Missoula, we could check out Idaho and even Wyoming as well.  At a meeting in Manchester, we could check out both Vermont and Maine.  The only states left out of this arrangement are Alaska and the Dakotas.  However, we could hold a meeting in the Dakotas in early 2004 if we haven't picked a state by then.  So what are your opinions?  If there are no objections to a membership poll, I will put up a poll in this forum in a few days and the result of that poll will determine our course of action.

The other issue facing us is that of state elimination.  This Saturday the Research Committee will meet and eliminate states.  We will almost certainly eliminate Nevada, New Mexico, South Dakota, and West Virginia, and there is a consensus that ultimately we should have 3 Western and 3 Eastern states in the final membership vote.  While the data would seem to indicate that North Dakota, Wyoming, and Maine would be the most appropriate candidates for elimination to yield the 3-and-3 balance sought, there is some support in the membership for each of these states, so we as the Research Committee are reluctant to simply eliminate them.  Perhaps the membership would like to eliminate Alaska or Delaware instead (or whatever!).  My current idea is to send a message to the entire membership (everyone on the announce list) and give the URL to a "hidden" webpage where they can vote for which 2 Western states and which Eastern state they would like to eliminate.  What do you think of this idea?  (If you want to talk about which state is to be eliminated, you should probably do so on the "Which state?" forum.  Post your comments about these two proposals for a membership vote in the thread on the "General Discussion" forum.)
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