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Author Topic: Media(print) Relations Effort  (Read 1645 times)


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Media(print) Relations Effort
« on: September 01, 2003, 08:41:57 pm »

After reading Elizabeth's plea for a new Public Relations Chair and the list of things yet to be done, I felt a dire urgency to help in any way I can.  I consider that the list she detailed should have already been attended to and the reason they have not is because no one 'stepped up' and started doing... so its my turn to stop talking and start doing:

I cannot attempt to be Publicity Chair, but I can take some of the stress away from that post by helping out in the folowing areas:

(A) Coordination of design and printing of marketing materials including press kits.
This involves designers sending various designs and ideas which we (everyone wanting to be involved) might decide upon and then submit a finalized version to the Publicity Chair.  In addition, other people who are involved in the printing industry should contact me regarding what their capabilities are and what kind of pricing etc they could offer the FSP.  This one item could be considered a definite conflict of interest in that I am also a print shop owner and would obviously like to bid/offer services in regard to the FSP.  Two solutions: Either I do NOT bid or print anything further for the FSP, or, have another party (the Publicity Chair) deal with all bidding etc.  The main thing I would like to obtain is information regarding all the capabilities at our disposal: my own print business is highly focused in highquality full color digital printing in addition to limited mailing capabilities - I do not assume to be able to efficiently produce everything the FSP needs in regard to print and we need to allocate our resources to the most effective means available.

(B) Develop and coordinate an online store and resource for materials
I am willing to pay for the hosting of the site and perhaps some web design etc, but I will need experienced volunteers in regard to creating the site and perhaps maintaining it.  Here is a very basic outline for the 'store' section of the site:
(1) Have a picture of each item offered
(2) Allow the viewer to freely download the actual print-ready PDF for their own use as they see fit
(3) Allow the viewer to purchase online any item
(4) Each and every purchase would have an amount of 'donation' specifically sent directly to the FSP, this way all monies are kept in the open and above
(5) Encourage others to submit designs and ideas for products

Please Post here or email me at
if you have any suggestions/ideas or if you are a graphic designer, web designer, print shop owner/manager, etc...

Thank you,
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