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Author Topic: A friendly, if meaningless, question  (Read 1998 times)


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A friendly, if meaningless, question
« on: July 03, 2003, 12:36:34 am »

Which of the states are least like your current home state, politically, geographically, and otherwise? How does this affect your opinion of the state, positive or negatively?

Personally, being from Florida, I'm intruiged by Alaska. I would absolutely love for AK to win because it would give me an excuse to move there and without one I don't think I'd ever get motivated to make so big a change. It really is an American frontier, and the remoteness from the lower 48 and proximity to its neighbors across the strait are big plusses for me.
Alternately, I feel like Idaho and Delaware are probably the states most similar to where I currently live (though they are still leagues apart from it) and will probably rank them near the bottom of my list as such.
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Re:A friendly, if meaningless, question
« Reply #1 on: July 03, 2003, 01:03:08 am »

Well lets see. I live in Alaska lol So almost all of them are different than mine.

Both the Dakotas are similar, Maine perhaps similar and so is Montana.

Delaware is very different as is Vermont.  Wyoming for all its wide open spaces I think is different (Yes I have been there) Idaho is much along the lines of Wyoming. New Hamshire is both similar and completely different.

So how would they rank? Not at all the way some might think.  :)

oops, teach me to read ALL the question  :-[

Alaska is hands down the best state!  ;D

The Dakotas I prefer the north rather than the south. Been to both as well. How would I rate them? Well to me, the north would be more open to change, to what we would like to do. The south just a little less open.

Montana I think is a very cool state. One that has a lot going for it. One that might be open to change.

Maine, well I am not too sure if they would be open to change. I have a friend who lives there and he says they aren't THAT open to "outsiders".

Delaware, I have no clue. Never been there, know noone from there. It is a very tiny state, so tiny that I doubt there would be much room for many people.

Vermont perhaps might be a good 5th choice. Cool syrup there  ;)

Wyoming I have my doubts about. But it has possibilities.

Idaho on the other hand I have serious problems with.

New Hampshire I am still checking out.

But I pretty much have a good working idea on how I will vote unless something major changes.

This probably wasn't what you was asking huh?  :)
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Choices. One, plenty of room to expand. Two, freeze em and stack em like cords of wood, thaw em out to vote and then refreeze em. Choices.
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