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Author Topic: NH tax protesters Ed and Elaine Brown to be released late January?  (Read 719 times)


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Ed and Elaine Brown, who led a half-year armed tax standoff against the central government in 2007, are reportedly appearing in Federal court during the last two days of January.  So may two of their supporters.

These are two emails I got from Elaine Brown sympathizer Keith Champagne, who always strikes me as credible and always seems to be cool with me with me attributing and quoting him.

"Daniel Riley and Jason Gerhard are both set to be re sentenced on January 30th.

Ed and Elaine Brown are set for the following day, January 31st.

It is highly likely they will all be released then."

Hearings are at the federal courthouse in Concord. Jason has already been transferred to strafford county in nh waiting for his hearing and danny will be there shortly. Elaine has waived her right to appear in person and instead will video conference i think. Ed is also being transferred here for his hearing.

Dannys is at 1pm on the 30th

Jason is at 2:30pm on the 30th

Elaine is at 9:30am on the 31st

Ed is at 11am on the 31st

No links, its all off of pacer.


I don't know what reason the imperial government is giving for its decision to release them, if in fact that really happens.   Elaine was my wonderful dentist; Ed was my friend, and I spent about two days at their house during the standoff....probably lost my job over it.  Seeing them released rather than dying in jail (as their massive sentence implicitly claimed they would) is the kind of thing that seems too good to be true.
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Re: NH tax protesters Ed and Elaine Brown to be released late January?
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makes sense
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