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Author Topic: Unregulated Libertarian Church (Biz Idea/s)  (Read 981 times)


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Unregulated Libertarian Church (Biz Idea/s)
« on: June 19, 2019, 04:41:20 pm »

You know about Separation of Church and State. Right? The state can't regulate churches unless the latter ask to be regulated, like when they ask for 501c3 status etc.

I was just thinking about starting a food truck or food cart business or something similar. Do any libertarians do that at Porcfest and similar events? Do they do it unregulated?
Isn't that something that invites civil disobedience? Libertarians should go to events and sell food and drinks to each other without a license. It might be good to have a sign that says Unregulated or something like that.

Another angle of attack (on the system) is to sell things as a church. It's common for non-profits to give gifts to donors. So the food and beverages can be the gifts and you have a requirement that the donation be a certain amount before giving them out.

How much danger is there that unregulated food "sellers" would provide unsafe foods and drinks to the public? Would it be less safe than that from regulated sellers? Are kids allowed to sell lemonade any more without a license or regulation?

What are your thoughts?
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