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Author Topic: Karen Testerman and the War on Drugs  (Read 826 times)

Jerry B

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Karen Testerman and the War on Drugs
« on: September 08, 2020, 11:41:14 am »

In this article ( to see where each candidate stands on the issues (which cordially excludes Nobody even though his name is on the ballot in today's Republican primary right along with Testerman and Sununu), regarding the opioid epidemic, Karen stated:

We must strictly enforce existing laws that penalize the manufacture, delivery, sale, transportation or trafficking of illegal drugs into our state and communities.

So, I guess that means she supports the war on drugs and drug prohibition. Otherwise she is good on most other issues.

In her debate with Nobody (that Sununu skipped), Karen said she was concerned about the effects that drugs have on kids' developing brains. Okay...

But what about the effects that other drugs such as Ritalin, Adderall, Xanax and other legal prescription drugs have on the kids' developing brains? (The schools and mental health drug-dealers are handing out those drugs like candy, if you didn't already know.) Those drugs are screwing up the kids as well. Does Karen want them illegal?

What about the vaccines with the harmful adjuvants like mercury and aluminum? Aluminum stays in and accumulates in the bloodstream and brain and that causes trouble as well. (,,,,

Perhaps vaccines should be illegal? Although I believe Karen supports vaccine choice, no? As well as mask choice, etc.

Perhaps Karen doesn't understand that prohibition causes the black market, which brings in unsavory characters who exploit the weaknesses of others, the drug pushers who try to get the young people addicted, etc., and the drug traffickers. With the black market in drugs, we have cartels, turf wars, drug lords, more violent crime and murders. Those are caused by the prohibition, not the drugs. Prohibition has been causing many more acts of violence and death than drugs themselves for 5 or 6 decades now.

And then there is the philosophical aspect of prohibition which Karen seems to support when it comes to other things like vaccines. If you own your own life and your body, then you have the right to put into your "own" body what you want to, or not, and you'll take responsibility for it, right? (Like booze and beer, for instance?) But if the government owns you then I guess the government has the authority to decide for you what chemicals you may or may not ingest.

But obviously, Nobody is the more freedom-oriented candidate here, in the "Live Free or Die" State. (After seeing the Libertarian Party's candidate Darryl Perry's campaign website, it looks like maybe Nobody is more libertarian and perhaps should have been the Libertarian Party candidate here?)

So, that's my 2ยข.
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