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Author Topic: Rack Jite, Hacker? Troll? Anti-Libertarian?  (Read 975 times)


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Rack Jite, Hacker? Troll? Anti-Libertarian?
« on: July 02, 2017, 12:10:38 am »

I would like to bring to everyone's attention the activities of someone on the Internet and World Wide Web who uses the pseudonym "Rack Jite."  In the past several years, this individual has created at least one website that smears Libertarians, stereotypes Republicans, and generally promotes ad hominem attacks on anyone who believes in capitalism or firearms. 

In addition to these things, someone by the name of "Rack Jite" tried to hack my Facebook in 2016, along with various other unsavory hackers.  I de-activated my Facebook for a year afterward.

I do not think he is much more dangerous than Bill Maher or the echo chamber of Oliver et al. [to name a few liberal-leaning people who run late-night shows] but he is quite assholistic himself.

So if anyone knows of "Rack Jite" and his antics online, I urge you to be aware of his activities on Facebook and elsewhere that may result in hacking / trolling / slandering of your person.

I also have to say this, if he's reading this post:

Rack Jite (if that is actually his real name) seems to oppose Republicans, but is utterly misinformed about Libertarians.  The fact that he says he hates both, is proof that he is anti-capitalist and anti-individualist.  He even acts offended that Libertarians use the word “I”, like the Platonists and Zen Buddhists who are the villains of Ayn Rand novels and philosophy.  He is such a collectivist, that he would ban the word “I” entirely from a conversation, even if you don’t use it to refer to yourself.

Rack is obviously named for the pair of man-boobs above his Democratic gut, like Michael Moore and other Democrats.  Like most flabby and out-of-shape altruists, he blames Libertarians for the popularity of concealed handguns, even though the right of self-defense and the Second Amendment precede the Libertarian Party by centuries.  Rack claims to have been in the Army, but thinks somehow that fighting in self-defense with a pistol or shotgun or rifle is irrelevant “gun-goonery”, even though it might save an innocent person’s life.  Apparently, he thinks that collective self-defense by the police and military on your behalf are acceptable, but individual self-defense with a pistol or shotgun or rifle should not be permitted.  Clearly, he believes in the elementary school myth of police protection, as well as military intelligence and mandatory education, because they are functions of government that cannot be questioned by anyone.  Certainly, Rack is narrow-minded.

Isn’t it strange that the Democratic Party, who claim to be peaceful and anti-war, are the most blood-soaked party in American history, because they were almost entirely PRO-WAR and PRO-DRAFT in the twentieth century?  Democrats want to stop people from owning guns and defending their person, but want to force young people (especially young males) to kill people in foreign countries and do “national service” that the elderly, Baby Boomer Democrats like Rack Jite get to administer?!

Rack has obviously never questioned anything about World War I, World War II, Korea or Vietnam.  He probably thinks Wilson and FDR saved us from the Germans, that Truman and LBJ saved us from the Asians, and that if there’s a war, all males should have to go.  Hypocritically, Democrats like Rack think that if there’s a pregnancy, all females should get to do what they want with their lives.  They are obsessed with women’s rights, but usually support violations of males’ rights with the draft.  This includes the fake hippies Bill and Hillary, who didn’t go in Vietnam but want to command a draftee army in the White House.  Wilson and FDR didn’t go either, and their mandatory sacrifice of all American males in World War I and World War II should make modern Americans puke in disgust.

Rack finally stereotypes Libertarians who are active at party conventions as “computer geeks”, while ignoring that he himself uses a computer to distribute his liberal drivel over the World Wide Web.  Rack also uses Photoshops of stereotypical nerds to slander Libertarians, even though if you Google “Rack Jite” (real name David Dahlman?) you will find an elderly male’s face who looks even geekier!

No first-person pronouns have been used, to avoid offending Rack and his Platonist Buddhist religion.
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