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Author Topic: Today's shooting conveniently timed ? The gang is afraid of you.  (Read 808 times)


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Today a gang member (steve scalise) who serves as a congressional staffer was shot. There was also supposed to be a congressional hearing today on the "Sportsmans Heritage and Recreational Enhancement Act"  This hearing was (drumroll please....) CANCELLED TODAY because of the shooting. The measures in the act included lifting regulations on things like silencers,transporting guns across state lines, AND... ( another drumroll please...) ARMOR PIERCING BULLETS !!!!   Raise your Gadsden flags today with pride knowing that the most evil gang in human history ( us govt) is in fact AFRAID OF YOU !  Stock up on GREEN TIP and BLACK TIP bullets for your AR's, M14s, 50 Cals, etc.. !!! They may become hard to get soon.  My hat is off to the founders and members of the FREE STATE PROJECT. You are advancing freedom in ways you can not imagine.  Thanks,Instinct2Bfree
"No,I didn't come here to seize the power for myself. I came here to DESTROY it."            (part of Grant's speech from THE IRON WEB by Larken Rose)
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