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Author Topic: seeking people to ride share from Texas or farther or shorter to PorcFest 2018  (Read 4715 times)


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I live in Lubbock TX. I have just decided that this is something I MUST do as soon as possible. I only heard of it's existence a month ago. I don't carry a fire arm but it would be nice to have 1,2, or 3 friends that do.  I am wanting to rent a vehicle depending on how many people I can get to share with me. If you want some info about me, here is my linkedin page:   If you want more specifics about my views on government then you should hitch a ride with me.  Here is my phone# (business & personal are the same) 806-500-1928      Please check me out, background check me, I would do the same for you.  420 friendly but, I don't use myself.

If you are farther west than Texas the you would rent the car and drive to me. I will be flexible with where you meet me to pick me up. Hopefully we can pick up others on the way.

If you are east of me then I will pick you up on the way.

In either case ALL costs will be agreed upon before we set off.

Look forward to meeting some fellow libertarians.

1 rule: NO Assholes.
(if you don't know what an asshole is then check out this link )

806-500-1928    <-- work email     <--personal email


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