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PorcFest Dinnertime Debates Sponsored by E^3NE


Ethics and Economics Education of New England (www.e3ne.org) is hosting a series of Dinnertime Debates at PorcFest! The debates take place Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights at 6 PM in the main pavilion and follow the popular IQ^2 format: audience votes, opening statements, Q&A, closing statements, audience votes again. More details here: https://www.facebook.com/e3ne.org/photos/rpp.265333273659139/670236043168858/?type=3&theater. Check out the full schedule at porcfest.com and buy your tickets now!

Will I be able to see Larken Rose at Porcfest this year ?

I'm not sure. The schedule at porcfest.com is always being updated.


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