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Author Topic: Likely moving to New Hampshire  (Read 1788 times)


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Likely moving to New Hampshire
« on: May 08, 2017, 03:53:26 pm »

Hi everyone. Me, my wife and my son are likely moving to New Hampshire before the end of this year. I grew up in Connecticut and then lived in Florida for the last ten years. We want to move to New Hampshire because we love freedom, are looking for good schools for our son because the ones in Florida generally are not very good, looking for lower crime and because I miss the North East and the higher quality of life.

Two things I wanted to mention is that we've never been been to New Hampshire, but we both used to live in New England. I lived in CT for 19 years and my wife lived in Massachusetts for 2 years.

I really hate to bring up race, because I find it annoying when other people bring race into things, but I wanted to mention that we're an interracial couple, and I wanted honest opinions if people in New Hampshire have problems with interracial couples since I noticed New Hampshire is an extremely white state. We're not paranoid, but we don't want to be harassed. Just an FYI, I'm white and my wife was born in Haiti. My wife is college educated, speaks perfect English and loves this country.

As for schools, would you say that certain regions of New Hampshire have better schools than others? Any recommendations would help. Our budget for a home depends on how certain things play out for this move, but it will be at least $270k and could potentially (if everything works out perfectly) be almost $400k. But we're planning on $270k just to be safe just in case but (like I said) it could be much higher. So we're trying to find a good area for safety and quality schools.

We both have a "live and let live" attitude which is one reason why New Hampshire appeals to us so much.

Anyway, we're looking forward to (likely) moving to the great state of New Hampshire before the end of the year.


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Re: Likely moving to New Hampshire
« Reply #1 on: May 08, 2017, 05:48:58 pm »


Any chance you can come visit NH before the move so that you can explore the state? 

Yes, NH is one of the lowest-crime state in the U.S.  The "bad" parts of NH are nothing like many other places in the U.S. 

The question of interracial couples and prejudice comes up every now and then.  Every time it does, I have never seen somebody chime in and say that they have experienced harassment.  Just last week I spent two full days with an interracial couple from out of state, helping them find a home.  We went out to eat together multiple times and not once did I see somebody give them a second look.  Every problem exists in every place, but on the whole the people of NH are pretty non-judgement and live-and-let-live.  Also, keep in mind that two-thirds of all adults in NH came from somewhere else, so there is no big monologic group of "natives" that you can fit into a box. 

There are plenty of good schools here.  Some are known for being really good as compared to others.  What line of work are you in?  That will help determine which part of the state you should look at and then the schools can be narrowed down from there.

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Re: Likely moving to New Hampshire
« Reply #2 on: May 08, 2017, 06:01:03 pm »

P.S. I have some interracial couples as friends I can try to put you in touch with if you want to hear what their experiences have been. 

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Re: Likely moving to New Hampshire
« Reply #3 on: May 10, 2017, 07:34:51 pm »

Since you have been in CT and MA, I would think the attitudes towards interracial couples would be similar. But I have not paid any attention and have not heard a derogatory comment about it for many years.
As a person from outside of New England, I am always amazed at how many locals do not even travel around the region. I can't believe you have not been to NH almost by accident. A Californian or Texan makes trips that far by accident. :)
I cannot recommend any public schools in NH.
I have not met anyone from Haiti, so hopefully we will run into each other someday.
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