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Author Topic: Libertarian Public Policy Project  (Read 746 times)

Frank Knight

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Libertarian Public Policy Project
« on: December 24, 2016, 02:14:14 am »

Hello there everyone; been a while since I posted here.

I am currently a political science graduate student over at the University of California. One of the projects I have been musing for a long time has been implementing a series of public opinion surveys of libertarians. I think it is obvious what the 'libertarian' position on a few areas are (e.g. minimum wage laws), but there are areas where I think there is still considerable range.

One of these areas is foreign policy. I doubt any libertarian is in favor of the US initiating war against other countries, but I do think we differ in what we think constitutes a threat against us or the use of soft power. If you guys have the time I would appreciate it if you could take this 10-15 minute survey.

It is a pilot study, which means that I am still playing around with the wording and what questions to add/subtract. If you have any feedback about survey design feel free to PM me.


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Re: Libertarian Public Policy Project
« Reply #1 on: December 25, 2016, 09:10:16 am »

This wouldn't be a random survey, though, so it won't give you a good sense of all US libertarians' views, would it? Or are you just testing it the format, etc. before going live with a random sample?
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