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Author Topic: Ridley's factually accurate version of the national anthem  (Read 2275 times)


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Ridley's factually accurate version of the national anthem
« on: September 11, 2016, 01:48:41 pm »

Oh, say can you bleed
By batons' daily smite
If you're lucky, that is
Can you answer this quiz?

What's the number of dead
On Americops' heads?
Bout a thousand per year
Some for smokes or or just fear

Over twenty to one
That's their kill ratio fun
While the Germans kill three
And UK sim-lar-lee

But imagine the fuss
If we were to count more than just us
Like the million overseas
Over oil usage fees
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Re: Ridley's factually accurate version of the national anthem
« Reply #1 on: September 12, 2016, 08:15:43 pm »

You know, I've never understood a left libertarian's capacity to seemingly contradict himself with such regularity.  From the left comes what I see as cavalcades of non-sequiturs, meaningless statements proclaimed with 100% self-righteousness, and distortions indistinguishable from lies justified in the advancement of the cause.  And herein comes the "we must convert others" holy crusade. 

Of course I don't know how old you are, Ridley, it could be you're still in primary school and this is your first foray into politics.  If that's the case I do apologize and may I only suggest a bit more study and perhaps time to mature.  But too often I've read presumably libertarian adults go off on these seemingly wacky hyperbolic tangents with nothing to back them up but a "strong sense of emotional outrage."

If we're going to be founding a new country with one another some day, left and right libertarians better learn how to communicate.  Because right now I just don't understand you guys at all.  Let me explain:

First paragraph:  you conjure up people being beaten bloody with nightsticks, presumable as if this is a regular occurrence done virtually at random by police officers.  Now in order to convince a right libertarian you've got a point to be made you've got to come up with some statistic or another showing that any "beatings" have been delivered unjustly and with some degree of regularity.  One-offs do not count in a country of 300+ MILLION PEOPLE.  If this were so, I could find a one-off instance amongst the daily interaction of 300+ MILLION PEOPLE of any damn bizarre occurrence I choose in order to manipulate people into coming around to seeing things my way.  One instance in three days becomes a near one-in-a-billion daily occurrence.  Get it?  And what you've seen in the movies does not count as evidence in the mind of a right libertarian. 

Second paragraph:  Cop are responsible for a thousand deaths per year.  Is this a lot?  I have no way of knowing.  Do you?  If it is a number that is way out of whack in a country of 300+ MILLION PEOPLE I think it would behoove you to present evidence of such and not throw it out there and expect others to have to prove you wrong.  In the mind of a right libertarian, this is a meaningless statement.

Third paragraph:  American police kill suspects at a rate of twenty to one in comparison to the number of suspects who kill police.  German and British police are less lucky in that they only bag three for every one of their own dying.  And this tells us what?  British police should be armed, maybe?  German police are armed so I guess they're just lousy shots.  Fascinating statistic.  A right libertarian would pretty much respond to it with, "Huh?"

Fourth paragraph:  Oil usage fees make the US culpable for a million dead in (I presume) the Middle East.   Let's see if I can make heads or tails of this one.  I'm going down the long flogged road of left-wing perceived historical culpabilities here, making this one rich in possibilities.  But let's focus on the most obvious one:  The US invaded Iraq, the subsequent uprising created AQI, which in turn created ISIS.  While this one is a step closer to reality than the usual left-wing "the American butterfly flaps its wings and a typhoon hits Indonesia" meme, it of course ignores all history, ongoing ideological conflict and any positive results that may have occurred as a result. 

In other words the right libertarian asks how a conclusion could ever be drawn when the evidence has dropped out of a void.  Hmm . . .  no mention that the recent fall of dictators in the Middle East has created an ideological war over whether the people will rule themselves or God will do it for them; and if God, which one?  No mention of the other mirror conflicts over the centuries that have occurred (without the help of the US) amongst muslim extremists attempting to overthrow the despot of the day with always the same gripe: the king's policies were not "muslim enough."  No mention that only a tiny fraction of those million dead were civilians actually killed by American troops, the rest being muslims killing muslims and most of the time civilians and on purpose?

And of course no explanation for the US invading Iraq other than the usual repeat-a-hundred-times-and-it-becomes-the-truth strategy the left libertarian drags along with him.  "It was to steal their oil and nothing else!  And nobody's going to convince me otherwise!"   

All I can say is the libertarian recently arrived at the philosophy from the left is going to have one rude awakening when they find these sorts of strategies leveled at themselves as they defy their former liberal overlords.  The new libertarian-former liberal has never had to deal with all these propaganda sources and strategies all with the imprimerie of power now leveled at them instead of the other guys.  Those arriving at libertarianism from the left have always had all the powers that be in society working for them: the media, education, societal shibboleths.  Now you guys are about to find out what it's like to live on the outside as a libertarian without a voice and having to listen to the propaganda generated from all sides using every trick in the book to paint you as the enemy while having to maintain your beliefs by conscience despite all.  I suspect eventually when you come to recognize it as it is wielded against you that you will also come to hate it, even if as a misguided strategy to support your own side.  And as the right libertarian has long known.

Despite all this, I do get what you're saying: the laws on victimless crimes are obscene; and even a war that ultimately brings people democracy can be horribly expensive in blood and treasure.  The difference is I'm not stirring up the mob with attack poetry to go after their nearest cop for acting to enforcement a mandate society has tasked him.  Nor am I attacking the morality of a government for making a decision for a multitude of reasons to go to war when the outcome is the chance for greater freedom for all and forever. 

Miraculously, somehow left and right libertarians come together in the end.  I don't know how, but we do.  We just walk off in two opposite direction and somehow and despite all, just keep running into each other.  At times it can be quite the head-spinner. 


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Re: Ridley's factually accurate version of the national anthem
« Reply #2 on: September 14, 2016, 06:06:14 pm »

Dave Ridley was a Republican, hardly a left-winger.

It would be kind of difficult to have a song with footnotes and annotations. That is an academic article.   ;D

Let go of your baggage regarding the whole left/right paradigm view. It is more often an authoritarian/libertarian situation.

One more thought...

The belief that it is a few bad apples that are the reason for police abuses. It is more a case of policies and procedures. It used to be that different places had different approaches, but thanks to the drug war, the war on terror etc. combined with the Federal Government and other centralized police standards organizations there are no more Peace Officers, they are all Law Enforcement...


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Re: Ridley's factually accurate version of the national anthem
« Reply #3 on: September 19, 2016, 12:06:54 am »

I'm still a Republican.  Sort of like Yeltsin was a member of the CPUSSR.
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