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Author Topic: Homeschooled kids, assessments and mandatory vaccines for schooled kids.  (Read 4088 times)


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So here is the deal. The only two most important things our family cares about is no mandatory vaccinations (or other mandatory medical interventions) and unschooling. New Hampshire sucks for both. Not saying that unschooling is impossible but I just don't see the point of changing my current state for the one where I have to jump through the loops and hoops. \
In 2011 HB422 re revoking vaccinations of any kind in schools did go through the representatives with overwhelming support around 290 yays to 49 nays only to die due to time constraints before getting to senate? What a shame but what happened? Does anyone at all knows why this bill was never pursued after 2011 by anyone?
Also, homeschooling law was amended to make it less harsh just recently. However, I find it pretty lousy amendment as assessments are still required. Does anyone know if it's being worked on to revoke altogether?


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Annual assessments are required but are not submitted, only retained.

We came from CA where it's much easier, but a lot of people homeschool here and make it work.

- Trevor
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