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Author Topic: Brazilian with Computer Science Degree. Looking for IT Cooperative.  (Read 2026 times)


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I want to create value and receive value, preferably working with Information Technology, but any peaceful activity is valid. I think the best way to achieve this is through voluntary agreements. Monetary resources may or may not be involved in that. I consider the direct exchange (barter) as viable as the use of currency.

I 'view myself as' and/or 'aim to be': anarchist, atheist, abolitionist, homo economicus, libertarian, objectivist, capitalist, cosmopolitan, scientist.

As a kid I worked on my parent's grocery store. Later I started my college course on computer science and shifted from a unskilled position to a system administrator position on that same grocery store.

Now that I finished my degree, I would like to obtain a position on research or software engineering. I also would prefer to work for a cooperative rather than under a different management style/ownership modality.

I would like to "flee" from the fascist/communist state in which I currently live, Brazil, but I do have a comfortable life here and would not throw it only to slave away for peanuts at some other place.

Visit my website [1] and/or look at my CV [2] to learn more about me. For like-minded women only: I would like to have children someday, most likely I am going to be a single dad, but I would not mind being a full time dad/husband. Hit me up on OKCupid [3].

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