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Author Topic: XBTFreelancer - Freelance Jobs in Bitcoin (it's actually really great)  (Read 2591 times)


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Work for or hire people in Bitcoin!

At first glance this site may look disappointing. You bid on jobs and most of the jobs are in IT, especially relating to web building and bitcoin tech. And it looks really competitive- but if you're an employer that's a great thing.

That being said, I got the first 2 jobs I bid on and they were awesome. They paid really well and were even fun. One of them turned into a longer project involving writing and graphic design, it was cool.

Go here:

Not many people speak clear English here but they understand it really well. Even though only one out of ten jobs is outside of tech, I have been able to get good work just with those few. The employers are so responsive that I have learned not to apply for too many jobs at once. I'm surprised that even before I had any reviews that I was awarded jobs, honestly it could be because I speak English really well and was going for writing jobs. They like Western English natives.

There are other sites such as Coinality, but my experience with that one has not been responsive and there are fewer jobs that apply to me.
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