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Author Topic: ATLAS SHRUGGED ON 'ROIDS  (Read 1478 times)


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« on: February 10, 2016, 06:55:39 pm »


[Note: This is an excerpt from my just published novel (and Objectivist/libertarian manifesto),"Kill Jesus: The Shocking Return of the Chosen One." In this excerpt, Jack Cohen, who is the reincarnation of Jesus, is addressing the Young Republicons, a political group. The story, which is a sui generis thriller with surprising twists, is about Jesus 2.0 attempting to end the Fed, which his father controls. This book is available at Amazon in paperback and Kindle.]

On Tuesday evening, to welcoming applause, Jack took the stage at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center. The Young Republicons, a faction of twentysomethings that many pundits considered to be the political hope of America, resonated with his libertarian message and were eager to hear him speak. Jack began his speech with a statement about moral principles and the legality of gay marriage.

“Moral principles are a subject of great contention within the Republican Party,” he said. “On the one hand, we have the conservative Christian fundamentalists, who want to legislate and enforce their vision of morality. On the other hand, we have the social libertarians, who espouse a radically different viewpoint of morality.

“Which vision is correct? For me, it is the latter. The ‘wars’ on drugs, gambling, and prostitution are wrong on every level. First off, these wars cannot be won because they oppose human nature — they go on forever and cost taxpayers untold billions of dollars. Secondly, these wars are immoral because the government has no constitutional right to police victimless ‘crime’ (voluntary social behavior that violates no one’s constitutional rights). As the renowned political columnist George Will put it: ‘Congress exercises police powers never granted by the Constitution. Conservatives who favor federal ‘wars’ on drugs, gambling and other behaviors should understand the damage they have done to the constitutional underpinnings of limited government.’

“When people ask if I support the legalization of gay marriage, I turn the question around: Why should the government even be involved in the institution of marriage? Marriage should be a private contract between any two consenting adults. If the government, immorally, determines that married heterosexual couples deserve special tax breaks and other benefits (at the expense of singles), who can blame homosexuals for wanting the same?

“Real morality, as the Declaration of Independence and Constitution make clear, is the right to one’s own life, liberty, and property. But the immoral State violates these rights, not only when it legislates and polices victimless ‘crimes,’ but also when, like a Mafia racket, it, in effect, puts a gun to the heads of its citizens and forces them to pay ‘protection money’ (which the Fed euphemistically calls ‘income tax’).

The State arbitrarily tiers these rates, enabling them to steal proportionately greater amounts of money from the economically successful. Citizens are brainwashed to believe that they need to pay their ‘fair share’ (though what this share amounts to is never spelled out). This robbery by the State amounts to the theft of private property, which the Constitution expressly prohibits.

“Democratic and Republican (RINO) liberals carry this robbery to a level that would make Al Capone proud. In fact, the liberals’ form of theft mimics Capone’s Chicago ‘soup kitchen model.’ Capone, during the Depression, would use a portion of the protection money he extorted from businesses for soup kitchens for the poor. Capone, a 20th-century Robin Hood, was so popular in his heyday, he probably could have been voted mayor of Chicago.

By giving a portion of the money it ‘steals’ from the ‘haves’ to the ‘have-nots,’ the State, via the unconstitutional instruments of welfare and entitlements, buys the votes of the dependent poor and ‘leverages’ this majority rule (which is really mob rule) to further its own dictatorial power. The goal of the State (the Government Gang) and its partner in crime, the Federal Reserve (the central banksters), is complete socioeconomic control of a brainwashed and subservient populace.

“Individualism (personal liberty) is diametrically opposed to statism (Big-Brother fascism), so the latter must be rooted out of the political system. Capitalism (free trade in a free market) is diametrically opposed to socialism (Marxism), so the latter also must be rooted out from the political system. The goal — rooting out the progressivist abominations of statism and socialism is clear — but the question is how to do it.

“The answer is… a revolution! The heart of the American Beast is the Federal Reserve System, and if we can bring it down, we will, in the words of the seventh U.S. President, Andrew Jackson, ‘rout the vipers out of the den.’ “Once we clear the den of snakes, we’ll put an end to not only the Fed, but also the IRS, the Infernal Rip-off Shit-Fuckers, which has targeted you — the Young Republicons — among other conservative groups.”

Blown away by Jack’s intensity, the conventioneers rose as one, showering him with applause while invoking his name at the top of their lungs. Jack basked in the moment, allowing their cheers to swell into an overwhelming crescendo before he continued to speak.

“As you know, I’ve called for a run on the banks and the purchase of gold and silver. Will this plan succeed? It’s impossible to say; we’re in uncharted territory. But I see no other viable way to end the financial tyranny, the economic dictatorship that is strangling America and the world.

“We cannot achieve our goal through the democratic process, because the Ruling Elite, the white-collar Mobsters, have, via welfare and entitlements, ‘bought’ the votes of the ‘mob,’ the masses dependent on them.

“Democracy becomes tyranny when elected officials violate the putatively inviolable constitutional rights of citizens. When demonic democracy destroys constitutional republicanism, the only recourse is… a revolution!”

Again they roared their approval.

“When I was Jesus of Nazareth, I threw the moneychangers out of the temple, but I failed to establish a Teaching that would keep them out,” Jack continued. “Hence, as ‘punishment,’ my Divine Father has returned me to this world to right my wrong, by ending the Fed, the latest, largest, and most egregious version of the ‘moneychangers.’ It was ‘determined’ that I would incarnate in the ‘heart of the beast,’ in D.C., as the son of Jeremiah Cohen, the defacto head of the Fed, and that as Jack Cohen I would confront the ‘Money Monster.’

“Think of my battle as David versus Goliath — and with you as my
 collective ‘slingshot,’ we can slay Goliath, the evil ‘Money Monster’ masquerading as the Federal Reserve.”
The Young Republicons shook the hall with thunderous applause. They had asked for an individualist/capitalist manifesto — and Jack had delivered, and more. Much more.
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