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Author Topic: NH as a home base for long-term traveler?  (Read 1523 times)


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NH as a home base for long-term traveler?
« on: February 07, 2016, 08:17:50 am »

As a libertarian, I am very interested in the ideas promoted by the FSP.  I also enjoy outdoor activities and would definitely be interested in living in NH... but I could not see myself living there permanently year-round.  I prefer to relocate every couple years and live internationally.  For example, at the moment I'm working in London on a 2-year contract and enjoying being close to Europe.

I have considered renouncing my US citizenship (mostly for tax reasons), but not sure I will ever do that as I would still like to be able to live and visit the US in the future.  So for now, I am considering at least moving my legal residency out of NJ and into NH. 

My question is: would it still make sense to relocate to NH even if I may not actually be living there for large parts of the year?  Is it difficult to establish residency?


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Re: NH as a home base for long-term traveler?
« Reply #1 on: February 07, 2016, 09:55:52 am »

Welcome jm2,

I was born and raised in NH, and there are quite of few people in my area that don't live in the state year round. They're often called “weather birds”, because when late fall comes around they go south for the winter.

So yes, you can still relocate to NH even if you don't desire to live here large parts of the year. It certainly wouldn't be out of place.

As to establishing residency, I'm honestly not sure how difficult that would be. Hopefully, someone with more knowledge on the subject will comment.

I'm not sure renouncing your US citizenship is a good idea considering once you do that you might not be allowed back in the country.
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