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Author Topic: Improve Local Government (like Police Reform)  (Read 19634 times)


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Re: Intelligence Report on Ending Corruption (Gen XYZ: Change System)
« Reply #30 on: February 09, 2017, 10:20:55 pm »



Reform the Money System
The super-rich are able to obtain vast assets from nothing.
Nationalizing the Federal Reserve: All of the people should be owners of it and should receive equal shares of the interest from loans. Anyone can start a bank, so I think local towns and counties should start their own banks, making all of the local citizens owners to share in the earnings.
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Re: Intelligence Report on Ending Corruption (Gen XYZ: Change System)
« Reply #31 on: March 05, 2017, 08:31:21 pm »



How America Was Being SYSTEMATICALLY Overthrown In 12 Steps
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Re: Gen XYZ: Change the System with COMMUNITY RIGHTS
« Reply #32 on: November 21, 2017, 02:17:29 pm »





Recently, New Hampshire Representative Ellen Read sponsored CACR19, a state constitutional amendment that guarantees local communities the right to make the decisions affecting the places where they live – including recognizing Community Rights over corporate claimed “rights.” The New Hampshire Community Rights Network (NHCRN) and local residents drafted the measure with support from CELDF. Several co-sponsors have signed on, creating a bi-partisan coalition.

It sounds simple enough: the right to local community self-government. But it has many New Hampshire legislators in a tizzy. One of them says that the people do not, and should not, govern themselves. Check out one resident’s powerful exchange with a legislator here, in response to a Letter-to-the-Editor supporting the amendment.

A New Hampshire Resident & a Legislator Exchange Words on Community Rights
Nov 20, 2017

(Does it sound like freedom when we can’t say no to corporate projects depleting our aquifers, drilling through our estuaries, poisoning our water?)

NOV 14, Representative Brian Stone opposed the amendment with obfuscation about home rule.

NOV 16, Monica Christofili replied as follows.

Representative Stone, your comments show thoughtful mindfulness of our NH Constitution and your constituents’ freedoms. However, the proposed State Amendment is not about home rule. (The editors used “home rule” in the title, not the letter writers.) Instead, the amendment is about recognizing, securing, & protecting NH citizens’ right to self-government. In other words, it’s about community rights affirmed in our Declaration of Independence & NH’s Constitution. Namely, Part 1, Art. 1 of NH’s Constitution declares that government of right originates from the people and is founded in consent. Art. 2 declares we have natural, essential, and inherent rights.

This said, you’re correct. NH state law determines what happens in our communities. Yet this often means the state denies communities the authority to protect themselves. Therein, Art. 10 of NH’s Constitution declares that when government no longer protects its people, the people have a right and a duty to reform the old or establish new government: “The doctrine of nonresistance against arbitrary power, and oppression, is absurd, slavish, and destructive of the good and happiness of mankind.”

In other words, the amendment is about inalienable rights, about town residents determining whether projects benefiting the state “over-all” will affect the health, safety, & welfare of themselves and nature. How do we figure this “over-all” sum to begin with? Consider an energy project that brings jobs but also threatens residents and ecosystem. The project is no longer benefiting the state over-all because it creates a sacrifice zone of a town’s residents and ecosystems. Is this town worth less than the state as a whole? How do we justify that viewpoint to town inhabitants when they cannot say no to a project hurting them? You mention that community rights supporters who want to say no to such projects are usually from liberal towns that want to limit rights of citizens. You might be interested in this study about the community rights movement transcending political party, age, and gender:

You also state, “More laws, regulations, ordinances. Does this sound like freedom to anyone?” But does it sound like freedom when we can’t say no to corporate projects depleting our aquifers, drilling through our estuaries, poisoning our water? It doesn’t to me, my husband, or to our 5 year old son, who asks us if his friends who were poisoned with contaminated water at Pease AFB are going to die and if the contamination is in our water supply. We don’t know how to answer him since Pease contamination has reached the Great Bay Estuary, right next to our water supply. We’d like to be able to say to our son that if a project ever comes near us that the state is allowing, even though it is going to poison our water, we’ll be able to exercise our freedom to say no to the project and yes to his inalienable right to clean water.

[ is assisting communities in states like New Hampshire to protect themselves from unwanted corporate projects. From fracking and pipelines to corporate water withdrawals and sewage sludging, we’re grassroots organizing, educating, and providing legal support to advance and protect rights.]
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Re: Future School (Gen XYZ): Join Research Project
« Reply #33 on: April 12, 2018, 12:29:11 pm »



Highest Priority Research Project on THREATS TO CIVILIZATION

I'm looking into starting a CNPS special project on LTG/AGW to help determine what truly are the main threats to civilization and what promising solutions there may be (like FSP/FTP?).

I've almost always been antiwar. I voted for Buchanan in 2000, Kerry in 2004 (but preferred Kucinich), Obama in 2008, Ron Paul in 2012 and Trump in 2016. Trump seems like a relief so far, but I'm afraid he's really a Zionist and is just playing us. He seems to be itching to destroy Syria and maybe Yemen and Iran. I've had suspicions about Q-anon, but the claims of being ready to drain the swamp have been encouraging, but Trump's pretense now that Assad may have actually stupidly gassed his own people, makes me more certain than ever that he's truly a jackass Zionist traitor. I don't think I'll pay any attention to Q any more. I want to spend my time usefully. The following seem to be accurate helpful political info.


Benjamin Fulford, David Wilcock, Robert David Steele: New Age Scam Artists | Lift the Veil #QAnon

Kushner Foundation Gives $342K to Chabad sect — Still Surprised About Jared and Ivanka’s Synagogue?

Chabad sect advises mind above heart: "understanding is the mother of fear and love for God". [Fear likely meant awe.]

Chabad is the largest and most widespread Jewish movement in the world today. The goal of the Chabad movement is to raise awareness that the coming of the Messiah is imminent.

18 December 2017. Rabbi Lazar was Putin's handler since Putin's initial swift rise to power. Chabad-Lubavitch put the globalist End Times Script right on their website. Putin will play Moshiach ben Yosef, who will be killed in this battle of Gog and Magog [& resurrected?]. Under The Cabalist plan to fulfill the messianic prophecies, ordinary Jews will be slaughtered when Putin turns the UN against Israel in 2025, leaving it “desolate.” They’ll get a preview of what’s coming when Gog/Magog leads them to the precipice of destruction and Putin temporarily saves them. They have just a little over 7 years to live [or move?].

Jared Kushner Belongs To Rothschild’s Doomsday Cult

The Jewish Cult Behind Illuminati/NWO

Not your average Q Anon thread: Psy-ops, Zionists, Aliens

Q Anon may be run by artificial intelligence, like Cambridge Analytica
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Re: Future School (Gen XYZ): RELIGION: Chabad Globalism
« Reply #34 on: June 03, 2018, 12:06:03 pm »


Dominant Jewish Globalist Religion

(Also see previous post above.)

_Chabad-Lubavitch, Vladimir Putin and the globalist End Times
_Trump and Putin: Agents of Chabad-Lubavitch
_End Times Show
_COMMENTARY: Trump and Putin – Agents of Chabad-Lubavitch
_Vladimir Putin: The Chabad Lubavitch mobster who would be the globalist Messiah
_Israel First! Trump is a Zionist Puppet (self.conspiracy)
With all the nonsense about Russian hacking and Trump being a Russian spy everyone overlooked who is really pulling this guy's strings. Some people assumed his Israeli ass kissing was a campaign ploy but the news is now in.
_Trump May Cut Funding to UN If It Recognizes Palestinian State
_Trump's Embassy Move to Jerusalem 'Self-destructive'
_Trump Poised to Lift Ban on C.I.A. ‘Black Site’ Prisons
_This clown [Trump] is Israel's bitch. We may as well have Netanyahu in the oval office. God help us all. -EricCarver
_The lifting the ban on black site prisons was debunked. I have no idea why he is moving the embassy. - DrDuplicitous
_Trump controlled by Israel's Mossad - DrDuplicitous
_Gay pedophile Roy Cohn, as it turns out, Cohn was a close friend, advisor, and mentor to Donald Trump. Well documented.
_Why Donald Trump Is a Zionist Chump
_Donald Trump is the frontman for the Israeli Michael Dezertzov (left) and his son Gil (right). Why is Trump working with Israelis and what does that say about his ability to speak freely about what happened on 9-11?
_How Hillary Crashes Cars and Planes


_Critique Islam - Love Muslims
_Islam, the Quran and Muhammad were made up over a 200 year period.
_Christianity is more credible, but the Trinity is misunderstood and Hell is not eternal etc. It boils down to the NAP, or non-aggression principle, plus love and help everyone. Jesus is our example. (See )
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Re: Future School (Gen XYZ): HEALTH: Herbs vs Meds
« Reply #35 on: June 16, 2018, 11:12:41 pm »



Herbs vs. Pharmaceutical Drugs
_Myth: Many of those who precribe herbs are not medical doctors and do not know how the herbs can affect the body.
_JS: ROTFLMAO!!!! [That's a Big Joke.] Most doctors don't have a clue how the drugs they prescribe affect the body!!!! I could give you all sorts of examples such as the ER doctor that ordered a potassium IV on a patient with hyperkalemia (excessive potassium). Or the idiot doctor that prescribed a sleeping pill for a friend of mine. He hallucinated on the pill, a well known side effect of these drugs. So he was given a different type of sleeping pill and again he hallucinated. Yet the doctor did not know that one these drugs cause hallucinations, and tow that even the drug companies admit these drugs do not work. Since the fool did not know that a common side effect of these drugs was hallucinations the doctor instead determined that my friend had developed Alzheimer's over night, which by the way anyone knowing medicine would know is impossible. Now that he is off the drugs he is fine. My grandfather was killed by the repetitive use of the blood thinner heparin because the moronic doctors did not know that repetitive heparin therapy causes blood clots (white thrombus syndrome). They also don't seem to be aware of the facts that the osteoporosis bisphonate drugs actually increase the risk of fractures and can also cause a permanent burning pain. Or that the statin drugs used to treat high cholesterol actually cause heart failure. Or that antidepressants can cause suicidal depression, which I have also seen cases of personally in several adults. They only admit to this side effect in children and adolescents. Or that Coumadin (Warfarin) frequently prescribed to prevent strokes actually causes strokes. … I can go on all day long with examples of this. Doctors learn how to cover up symptoms by prescribing drugs. Most of their knowledge of these drugs comes from the sales reps who are not going to emphasize the failures or dangers of these drugs.

_Myth: One major problem is that herbs have not been studied properly and have been tested to assess the effects and/or problems they may cause. unfortunately we are the guinea pigs.
_JS: This is another very persistent MYTH I frequently hear. If we change the word "herbs" to "pharmaceutical drugs" then you will be spot on. Do you know how badly manipulated the studies of pharmaceutical drugs are? As an example it was reported in JAMA by several doctors that the drug companies were testing chemotherapy drugs for effectiveness. If a person died or did not respond though the person was dropped from the final results so the drug would appear to be effective. This is actually a common practice for all drugs. As an example of this though NOVA did a program on the development of the angiogenesis inhibitor Endostatin. They followed two men undergoing the drug trial for their cancers. The first man died during the trial so you know he was dropped from the study results. And this is evidenced by the second man who at the end of the program we were told was dropped from the study because "his tumor grew beyond the parameters of the study". In other words the drug failed to even slow the growth so they dropped him from the study before he died from the tumor. Again this kind of manipulation is VERY COMMON in drug testing. Misinterpretation of finding is another common manipulation tactic to make dangerous and worthless drugs appear safe and effective. Again the bisphonate drugs are a great example. To make the drugs appear effective the drug companies only tested bone density in on one part of the body. Anyone knowing how bones develop would know exactly why this is manipulative. But the bottom line is that th drug companies told the public that the drugs worked because of increased bone hardness. Problem is that hardness and strength are two separate issues, which is why the bisphonate drugs have been found to increase the risk of bone fracturing. To make matters worse they don't tell the public that it can take up to 10 years to get these drugs back out of the body. This is why they now have the monthly pill or the yearly shot. They did not tweak the drug to make its effects last longer, it has always been the same dangerous drug.
_Another big problem with drug studies is that the drug companies test the drugs on animals other than humans. You will notice that sometimes they use a particular species or sex of rat, or a pig, monkey, dog......... What they are doing it choosing the animal that is most likely to respond positively to their drug. This is because different animals will respond differently to drugs. Humans can eat chocolate and grapes, but these can kill a dog. Sheep can tolerate arsenic levels that would kill a human. Humans take aspirin all the time, but it can kill a cat..............
_Most of our knowledge of herbs though has come from non-manipulated human use. For example Chinese medicine is the oldest medical system in the world. All herbs were tested on thousands of prisoners prior to giving anything to the Emperor. Since there was no financial incentive behind the testing as there is with pharmaceuticals the testing was not manipulated or misinterpreted to make the drugs appear effective. The same applies to the use of herbs by the Native Americans, South American tribes, in Ayurvedic medicine, etc. So our knowledge of herbs comes from real life HUMAN experience, not manipulated and misinterpreted animal testing commonly used to make pharmaceutical drugs appear safe and effective.

_AA: Most natural specialists are doubting that the ashwagandha caused my thyrotoxicosis. Hell, it says that it caused thyrotoxicosis in lab rats.
_JS: We are not rats. See above.

_AA: And the report of it happening with a Dutch woman is all over the internet.
_JS: One case? And it is assumed that the ashwagandha was responsible? Do you even have a clue how often herbs are blamed for things that they are not really to blame for? Ephedra was blamed for over 40 deaths when there was really only one and that was an overdose. All the other deaths were from PHARMACEUTICAL ephedrine HCl. Chaparral was blamed for 13 isolated cases of hepatitis. But the public was not told that out of those 13 cases that most had pre-existing liver failure and the others were on pharmaceutical drugs known to cause liver damage. Then there is the case of the lady named Rosemary who they claim developed argyria from using colloidal silver. The fact is that she was using a pharmaceutical silver salt nose spray, which is way different than colloidal silver. This is a great example of how the Internet can be a great research tool but it is also full of misinformation, especially when it comes to herbs and supplements.

_Myth: No one really knows how many herbs work in the first place, so to say that ashwagandha does not cause thyrotoxicosis is contradicting empirical evidence.
_JS: Again so much more is known about the chemistry and effects of herbs than pharmaceutical drugs. And to make matters worse, even drugs known not to work are still left on the market. As an example in 1969 the FDA was Court ordered to remove 710 drugs from the market that were found to be too dangerous for human use or that just did not work. The FDA found a loophole and left all 710 drugs on the market. One of those drugs was dextromethorphan (DM) used in many cough medicines, which was found to be no more effective than placebo. About 10 years ago another study was reported in the J. of Pediatrics, which also found the drug to be worthless. Yet the drug still remains on the market with full FDA approval despite the fact that it does not work, but it does have adverse effects. And as I pointed out earlier, the pharmaceutical companies claims that their sleep aids Ambien and Lunesta do not work. Yet they still remain on the market causing dangerous side effects. Again when money is behind the findings manipulation and misinterpretation will abound to try and make pharmaceutical drugs appear safe and effective and herbs and supplements dangerous.
_As another example there was a pharmaceutical company here in the US that use a advertise heavily that their drug was found to reduce the risk of a second heart attack by 50%. The commercials were finally pulled, likely because the claims were fraudulent. It was exposed that what the pharmaceutical company had tested the drug on 100 people. Then they took 6 of the 100 and found that 3 of these 6 had not had a second heart attack within that short time frame and thus claimed a reduction of second heart attacks by 50%. Again fraud is massively rampant in the pharmaceutical industry because money and greed lead to manipulation and misinterpretation for the purpose of misleading the public.
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Re: Future School (Gen XYZ): Local Sovereignty
« Reply #36 on: June 28, 2018, 02:53:23 pm »



Public-Private Partnerships & Local Sovereignty

These partnerships tend to be bad for the people. Likewise for corporations. They benefit special interests, but not the general public. On Feb 15, 2018 it occurred to me that public-private partnerships could be used by local governments to benefit the local people, instead of special interests. Nearly all governments in the U.S. are corporations in the first place. And these partnerships can make it possible for local governments to pass ordinances that benefit the public by doing the kinds of things suggested in the OP, i.e. opening post. More is described in the following links.

Links to FSP Forum posts on Local Sovereignty

Promoting Local Self-Government

New Hampshire Community Rights Network

Amend the NH Constitution

Local Communities Dismantling Corporate Rule ETC

Local Self-Government Success in Ohio

Success in Pennsylvania

Success in Barrington, NH

Declarations of Independence and Community Rights


Historic Vote on Community Rights State Constitutional Amendment in NH

Local Sovereignty Efforts

CELDF Democracy School Curriculum for Local Sovereignty

Floating Islands
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Re: Future School (Gen XYZ): Local Sovereignty
« Reply #37 on: October 05, 2018, 11:12:37 am »


Local sovereignty: how to get it back (Restoring America One County at a Time)

American Vision


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Re: Improve Local Government
« Reply #38 on: July 19, 2020, 09:01:46 am »



Mathis found that Lincoln's assassination was faked in order to get sympathy for a new president, as Lincoln was on his deathbed anyway and likely died naturally a few weeks to months later. See

At the end of that paper Mathis added the following comments about how such fraud, as well as vote fraud etc, could have been prevented by better wording in the Constitution. Following are Mathis' comments.

For some this essay has likely been overly long already, but for those whose eyes are still in their
heads, I have a few more comments. I will remove the investigator's cap and change my tone a bit for
this. I still won't act the historian, since I was never interested in straight reportage. I will put on the
cap of the philosopher or legislator. After discovering what I have discovered, it occurred to me that I
wasn't feeling the disgust I might be expected to feel from this whole charade. In fact, I found I was
more offended by the vote stealing in the election of 1864—what with the requirement of oaths and so
on—than I was by the faked assassination. With the faked murder, I felt I could understand the need
for it, due to circumstances. It was a magnificent fraud assuredly, and I would never defend fraud.
And yet, I could see so clearly why and how it happened, that I was tempted to pass part of the blame
to the framers of the Constitution, who—through sheer negligence, one supposes—allowed it to occur.
It was a disaster waiting to happen, and in fact this wasn't the only time it happened. As we have seen
above, the vague wording of Article 1 set this whole thing up. So let us study the problem and the
It appears the authors of the Constitution didn't wish to allow a President to resign due to ill health or
other reasons. They appeared to have assumed—for reasons that aren't really clear—that no President
would simply wish to quit. They wrote Article 1 assuming ill health would either lead to a cure or to
death, and they included language to cover both possibilities. But they didn't foresee a third possibility:
lingering ill health that would not lead to death, but that would lead to the permanent inability to
govern. They also didn't foresee that even ill health lingering for a short time could cause a crisis in
times of emergency, since an Acting President would not have the authority of a full President.
And they clearly didn't foresee how loopholes in the rules of Article 1 would lead to exploitation of
those loopholes, which is precisely what happened in 1865. It appears they didn't want a President just
passing the ball to the Vice-President for no reason, since that would have allowed a candidate to get
into office on false pretenses, by a sort of Cyrano gambit. But the only thing they did to prevent that
was make it impossible for a President to just retire (without scandal). Under the current language and
customs, any retirement not due to ill health would be seen as scandalous, and would negatively affect
the Vice-President as he became the President. We saw that with Ford, as he succeeded Nixon.
Therefore, to successfully run a Cyrano gambit (pretending you are running one candidate while really
running the other), they have to fake the death of the President. That allows the new President to
govern with augmented authority, rather than diminished authority. That is what we just saw in the
above analysis.
Now, the Constitution is a wonderful document in many ways, but in other ways it is a terrible
document. Its vagueness on many issues is sold to us as a strength, but in most cases it is nothing but a
weakness. The Constitution is mainly a piece of legislation, and vagueness in legislation is never a
plus. The brevity of the Constitution is admirable, but it could be almost as brief and ten times as
powerful, with the right wording.
The authors of the Constitution did not take full account of human nature, by which any loophole is
sure to be exploited. Admitting that, vague language should be avoided at all cost, and any loophole
discovered later should be immediately filled. This has simply not happened. The loopholes have been
exploited with ever more fantastic gambits.
To prevent this Cyrano gambit, you could do one of two things. Most instances would be stopped by
adding a clause to the effect that any President who dies or quits for any reason not due to scandal in
the first year of office will NOT be succeeded by the Vice-President. The Vice-President will become
Acting President only while a special election is called. This special election must be called
immediately, and in fact no one has to call it. As soon as the President dies or resigns, the election is
understood to be called already, by the Constitution itself. The actual voting should take place within
six weeks; in times of war, three weeks. All instances of the gambit could be prevented by extending
the clause over all four years, instead of just the first year.
If I have still missed something, what I missed should also be filled with precise language.
I will be told that these quick special elections don't allow time for the public to learn about candidates,
but that argument is mostly a diversion. The public now has two years of campaigning to endure, and
at the end learns almost nothing of value. If campaigns were honest, you could learn everything you
needed to know about candidates in a matter of weeks. In dishonest campaigns, you will be prevented
from learning anything to the point regardless. Short campaigns therefore limit the amount of possible
propaganda, and are to be preferred for that alone.


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Re: Improve Local Government
« Reply #39 on: July 19, 2020, 09:02:17 am »

(Continued from previous post)

Amendment XXV was added to the Constitution in 1967 to clarify Article 1, but it fails to do so. It
clarifies a couple of minor issues, but does nothing to close the big loopholes. There are easy solutions
to most Constitutional problems, but no one seems interesting in discovering them and implementing
them. The Constitution is normally seen as either sacrosanct or as just “a goddamn piece of paper.” It
is neither. Any loopholes discovered should be immediately and completely filled, lest fraud ultimately
run rampant—as it has.
Another problem is that the Constitution rarely sets penalties. This again encourages fraud. To see
what I mean, let us look at the problem of vote fraud, of which we saw such heinous examples in the
1864 election. The only penalty for stealing the states of Tennessee and Louisiana was forfeiture of
those States in the Congressional vote count. That penalty is not commensurate with the crime. Notice
that Congress didn't even award the votes from those States to McClellan, which was a logical first
step. But the penalties should have been far steeper than that. Fraud on that scale undercuts the entire
democratic process, and completely short-circuits the representative government. Therefore it might be
argued it is a form of treason. If the Constitution defined vote fraud as treason, the seriousness of the
crime would be set, and all penalties up to and including death would be in play.4
 If that sounds harsh
to you, there are other solutions, just as logical, that do not include death or even jail terms. In my
opinion, the best solution in that case would have been to specify forfeiture of the entire election, and a
permanent ban from seeking public office at any level. This severe penalty would be reserved, of
course, for only the most serious and widespread vote fraud.
In the most serious cases like this, not only should the candidate be punished, his entire staff should be
as well. All the top positions in the campaign staff should also be banned from ever taking part in an
election, down to the local level. As I said, if we want to address fraud, there are ways to do it, but the
crime has to be taken seriously. If it isn't, we just encourage ever increasing amounts of fraud.
The companies that bankroll elections should also be brought into the penalties, and those penalties
should be specified in writing and updated to address current needs. For example, in the recent
Propositions concerning genetically modified foods, several indications of vote manipulation were
found, as well as campaign fraud. Monsanto and many other major companies were implicated. None
of those indications of fraud were properly investigated, but even if they had been, the current penalties
are only fines, which these companies simply write off as a business expense. We don't need bigger
fines, we need to include any company guilty of vote fraud in the penalty box. Any company involved
in vote or campaign fraud should be permanently banned from lobbying, campaign financing, or
campaign advertising. Any effort to undermine that ban—by channeling money through dummy
companies, for instance—should be met with even stiffer penalties, up to and including liquidation of
the company and seizing of all assets. I think you will admit that would put an end to the corruption we
now see.
If these sorts of penalties and methods were specified in the Constitution or adjoining documents,
Congress could be immediately re-empowered. For example, rather than giving the Justice Department
the option of investigating vote and campaign fraud, the Constitution could require it to do so, with
specified penalties for not doing so. In that case, both Congress and the Supreme Court could be
empowered to step in, applying these penalties against the Justice Department on a Constitutional basis.
Failure to investigate could be defined as obstruction of justice, and officials could be removed and
permanently banned from public office on that basis.
In the current system, not only is the regulation woefully inadequate, but the penalties—even when
specified—are not commensurate to the crimes. This is because the criminals are the ones writing the
legislation and doing the regulating. You will say that is just the way things are, but a more precise and
extended Constitution could have prevented the growth of fraud from the beginning. We have seen
that in this case, and it can be discovered in many other major cases throughout American history, all
the way back to the founding.


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Re: Improve Local Government
« Reply #40 on: August 01, 2020, 07:42:44 am »



The City that Really Did Abolish the Police

That headline refers to Camden, NJ. It sounds promising, but the fact that Obama and the ACLU endorse the changes that Camden made to its police makes me suspicious. (This is a paper that makes me suspicious of the ACLU: ... I'm also suspicious of any big names.) Maybe I'd be suspicious regardless. The city abolished its own police, but then it accepted a county model for its new police dept. This may be a gimmick to get cities to accept county police forces, thus losing authority over their own police. I don't see why the city could not have adopted better policing policies of its own, instead of having to abolish its police dept and accept the county's. Supposedly the police union was preventing that, but I don't know why that would be.

Maybe some of the following articles have better info. I posted them in the FSP Libertarian News thread over the past few weeks, but haven't read most of them yet myself. (I'm a "Progressive or Liberal Libertarian").

Police Unions and the Problem of Police Misconduct

How Adversarial is the Relationship Between African Americans and the Police?

If We Want Better Policing, We Need to Curtail Police Unions

Cops Across US Hiding Badges & Covering IDs — Shielding Them from Accountability for Violence

Should communities defund the police?

What Is The Real Agenda Behind Defunding & Dismantling The Police?

Bill Maher Says Leftists’ ‘Defund The Police’ Movement Will Make Americans Vote For Trump

The Same Dept Who Beat Peaceful Protesters in DC, Executed an Unarmed Accountant on Video

How disbanding police can lead to less crime and less conflict

Your barber has more training than your police force

Police In 20 Largest US Cities Fail To Meet Basic Human Rights Guidelines

In a Major Move, City ENDS Police Traffic Stops, Will Cut the Police Budget in Half

How the U.S. Supreme Court helped create police abuse

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Re: Improve Local Government (like Police Reform)
« Reply #41 on: November 11, 2020, 11:30:41 am »


I've already stated what I think would be ideals for local government, but I'll add a few more now, which may include some I stated in the OP.

All local citizens would be unpaid police or deputies.

There would be no jail, except maybe for dangerous persons, as long as they're dangerous.

There would be no court, just arbitration or mediation, which might be free.

There would be no taxation.

All local citizens would share ownership of local government real estate.

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