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Author Topic: What do you want activists to do if you're arrested?  (Read 3705 times)


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What do you want activists to do if you're arrested?
« on: October 15, 2015, 12:27:42 pm »

After what happened to Ross Ulbricht and Jillian Batty (the govt. more or less using them as hostages to pressure freedom activists into ceasing protest) I wanted to make clear my wishes in the event I'm incarcerated or treated as a hostage by any entity.  You should know these wishes in advance, and maybe you should post *your* wishes in advance too.

I *like* the idea of people taking pretty much any peaceable action they wish, against any incarceration I might suffer.  If their action results in retaliation against me, they should ramp up their activity...not reduce it.  Reducing it would reward the retaliation and encourage it to spread.  But it's the protest and negative reaction that should spread.

You should ignore any "stand down" request that I might issue against peaceable activity while in custody.  Assume that I am not free to speak my actual wishes on the matter or that I am being pressured in some way.  Ignore likewise any such demands or requests from my friends, family or attorneys.  The authorities were arguably able to use Ulbricht's family and lawyer against him - or at least against freedom - by manipulating one or more of them into requesting a cessation of protests.  The protests were successfully quelled with no real mitigation of Ulbricht's treatment.

As the Swiss general Henri Guisan put it during the crisis with Hitler... any official order to surrender or cease fighting should be treated as enemy propaganda and met with continued resistance.  In our case the fight is peaceable instead, but the same principle applies.  If I issue a condemnation against violent activity, of course, you can take that seriously.   I've never requested bail be paid before but wouldn't rule it out... you can take any future requests of mine at face value there. 

I like what Mel Gibson did in the movie Ransom; refusing to pay the ransom and instead putting a price on the heads of the pirate hostage takers.  In the much less likely event I were held hostage by non government pirate types, that's what I would want done, and I would not want any ransom paid.  But that approach isn't appropriate against *government* in the current context, only against pirate types.

Please keep this post in mind, refer back to it and publicize it in the event I eventually get squeezed.  It may tend to update over the years.

For your part, consider making a post of your own similar to this one, explaining in advance what *you* want done if you're detained. Don't wait until you are under the government's thumb in a cell.

The link below has many ideas and resources for peaceable free stater resistance, even if you're outside NH.

If you did one of those things while I was in jail that would make much happy.  If you want to help me directly if and when I'm locked additional option is to send any book by the sci fi author dan simmons.  Usually books have to be sent from a big company like Amazon or the publisher; check with the gulag outpost in question.
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Re: What do you want activists to do if you're arrested?
« Reply #1 on: September 24, 2020, 04:14:31 pm »

this makes so much sense
spending endless money on lawyers and letting the thugs to intimidate your family into silence .... don't actually help the victim
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