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Author Topic: 21 year old grad considering move from Texas  (Read 1524 times)


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21 year old grad considering move from Texas
« on: September 30, 2015, 05:35:52 pm »

Hello everyone! I'm 21, graduating from UT Austin in May, and am thinking about moving to NH shortly after that. I have always been liberty minded and discovered our YAL chapter during college and never looked back. I'm also helping out with our Students for Rand chapter here at UT. Anyways, I definitely want to come up for the Liberty Forum in February but I really don't want to wait that long to visit since I'd be moving only a few months later so may make a trip over Christmas break or even earlier. Growing up in the suburbs, I have really appreciated living in a big city like Austin so naturally Manchester would be my first choice as far as location goes but I would be open to others as well as long as it isn't too remote. I just wanted to ask you guys a few questions that have been on my mind lately-
-Is there a large 20-something crowd involved in the FSP? I'm open to interacting with people of all ages but it would be nice to have people my own age.
-Would it be stupid to move without a full time job lined up beforehand? I've heard the job market in NH is really good, and I'm really not picky as far as work goes because my main goal is to save up and start my own business.
-What would be the best way to spend my time during a visit? (comparing cities, touring housing options, meeting Free Staters, etc.) I would probably have 3-4 days in December and a few days before or after the Liberty Forum

Thanks yall!



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Re: 21 year old grad considering move from Texas
« Reply #1 on: September 30, 2015, 06:50:21 pm »

Great to have you on board! We have people of all ages, but I'd say the FSP does tend to skew a little younger than the general population. We have a good many 20-somethings, especially in the Manchester and Nashua areas.

The job market is good, and if you are willing to take a "generalist" job at first that doesn't pay all that well, you'll be able to find something. You should still save up at least enough to pay the first 3 months of rent, food, etc. before moving. Compared to Texas, the housing prices are generally higher (though Manchester isn't bad), but the wages are also generally somewhat higher.

You could easily combine all those things you want to do. You can go to to see what regularly scheduled events are occurring and email to arrange a meetup or two with Free Staters.

If you come and visit around Christmas, be sure to dress appropriately!
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