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Author Topic: Future School: Many Topics (Get Smart Blog)  (Read 33926 times)


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Future School: Many Topics (Get Smart Blog)
« on: September 22, 2015, 01:11:21 pm »

(Most recent post is last in the thread.)


I'd like to start a school online that teaches "sustainable" alternatives to our corrupt system. Does that sound like fun to anyone? I wrote this pitch for it an hour or two ago.

Corruption is widespread and threatens to destroy everyone's future. We  need a school that teaches college kids and others alternatives to the corrupt  system, so everyone can have a brighter future asap. We would see results quickly,  within 4 years. We would see new towns spring up that are virtually corruption-proof. We would see great reductions in poverty, crime and health problems. We  would see powerful free energy and other exciting technology, space exploration and  colonization, health tech and so on.

- The knowledge to organize such a school is already available. We know how to  clean up science, history, economics, math, education, parenting and politics.  Plenty of young people and others have the motivation. The internet is our best  organizing tool.

- Would you like to make a donation for our weekly newsletter to keep you informed  of the school's progress at educating students and ending corruption?

- Would you like to attend at least some of our weekly discussions?

1. Post study materials or links on Future School's website.
2. Get investors, partners, students, sponsors, donors, volunteers.
3. Future School students pay to be tested for certification in any subject offered.
4. Students & others pay Future School donations for consulting to start coop businesses/nonprofits and free towns.
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Re: Project Get Smart
« Reply #1 on: December 14, 2015, 11:19:31 am »

The following was the original OP. Future School is the outcome of Project Get Smart, if we're lucky.

September 22, 2015, 01:11:21 pm

Project Get Smart - prevent brainwashing
The system brainwashes people by the time they become adults. So it makes sense to talk to younger people to help them prevent getting brainwashed. We encourage young people to think for yourselves, not believe everything without question, study alternative views online and communicate with each other to help learn the truth and how to improve society.

What if you can't trust the main authorities in society? Can you trust the government? Can you trust religion, major media, textbooks, drug companies, science? What if big businesses took over all of those institutions, and what if the goal of big business is only to make money for themselves, not to help the common people? What if the really big business owners are racists? What if some of them think they're superior to everyone else, like the Nazis did, and what if they want to take everything away from the common people?

Is there evidence that big business took over the U.S. government? Did it take over major religions, or the major media, textbooks, medicine and/or science? Why do few people vote any more? Why are there so many alternative health care claims that oppose the claims of the drug companies? Why do so many families home school their kids? Why do the major religions hate each other? Do the big defense contractors benefit when people of different nations hate each other?

Suggestion: Study religion, relationships, economics, history, politics, education, medicine, and science.
1. religion,
2. relationships,
3. economics,
4. history,
5. politics,
6. education,
7. health, and
8. science.

PS, "Question Authority" means "Doubt Authoritarians". Authoritarians are those who use or condone force or the threat of force to control others. (Of course, guardians restraining minors and dependent adults is okay, if it doesn't harm them physically or psychologically.)
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Re: Reality Blog (Project Get Smart)
« Reply #2 on: December 23, 2015, 07:24:37 pm »

280 -- December 14, 2015, 11:19:31 am
Christian Religion with No Eternal Hell

Fornication Didn't Mean What It Seems

Fear of Sex is overemphasized in many Christian and Muslim religions.

In Christianity the correct idea behind "fornication" was the danger of being intimate with "Satan", by submitting to selfish thoughts. Fornication meant submission to "Satan". And "Satan" simply meant excessive selfishness.

In reality selfishness is necessary to an extent, as we need to take care of ourselves. But we also need to care about others and cooperate with anyone who can help us improve society.

The only real law of morality is to not harm anyone. Sex can lead to harming oneself or others by spreading STDs. Also, it can lead to jealousy and similar emotional harm. And thirdly, sex with minors can be traumatic for them. But, for those who are not prone to jealousy and who take care not to spread STDs and who avoid sex with minors, there should be no problem with supposed promiscuity, if it's very limited. The greater one's promiscuity, the greater the risk of STDs and of jealousy.

As per the previous post, the idea of eternal hell is immoral, since it harms people by giving them irrational fears and stress. "Eternal hell" was not originally in the Bible. The doctrine didn't become widespread in Christianity until after 550 AD under tyrannical Emperor Justinian. Natural pain is a warning that something is causing harm to the body or the mind. Pain is meant to be preventive of harm. If people were subject to eternal pain, it would be useless and highly immoral, as it's very harmful and not preventive.

This site has information about "fornication" in Christianity:

This one has ideas that may be helpful for healthy relationships:

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Re: Get Smart Blog
« Reply #3 on: January 08, 2016, 12:21:11 am »


Adam Smith vs. von Mises (Libertarian Vs Fascist)
[copied from the General Forum]

Below are excerpts from Real Economics Interview with Michael Hudson

... The focus of Smith, Mill [Adam Smith and John Stuart Mill], Quesnay and the whole of 19th-century classical economics was to draw a distinction between productive and unproductive labor – that is, between people who earn wages and profits, and rentiers who, as Mill said, “get rich in their sleep.” That is how he described landowners receiving groundrent. It also describes the financial sector receiving interest and “capital” gains.

... Neoliberals say they’re against government, but what they’re really against is democratic government [Republics]. The kind of governments they support are pre-referendum Greece or post-coup Ukraine. ... Neoliberals want the kind of government that will create gains for the banks, not necessarily for the economy at large. Such governments basically are oligarchic.

... Aristotle talked about this more than 2,000 years ago. He said that democracy is the stage immediately preceding oligarchy. All economies go through three stages repeating a cycle: from democracy into oligarchy, and then the oligarchs make themselves hereditary. (Today, Jeb Bush wants to abolish the estate tax to help the emerging power elite make itself into a hereditary aristocracy.) Then, some of the aristocratic families will fight among themselves, and take the public into their camp and promote democracy, so you have the cycle going all over again. That’s the kind of cycle we’re having now, just as in ancient Athens. It’s a transition from democracy to oligarchy on its way to becoming an aristocracy of the power elite.

... The first thing the neoliberal Chicago School did when they took over Chile was to close down every economics department in the country except the one they controlled at the Catholic University. They started an assassination program of left wing professors, labor leaders and politicians, and imposed neoliberalism by gunpoint. Their idea is you cannot have anti-labor, deregulated “free markets” stripping away social protections and benefits unless you have totalitarian control. You have to censor any idea that there’s ever been an alternative, by rewriting economic history to deny the progressive tax and regulatory reforms that Smith, Mill, and other classical economists urged to free industrial capitalism from the surviving feudal privileges of landlords and predatory finance.

... Most rent theory was developed in England, and also in France. English practice is more complex than America. The military conquerors imposed a pure groundrent fee on the land, as distinct from the buildings and improvements. So if you buy a house from a seller in England, somebody else may own the land underneath it. You have to pay a separate rent for the land. The landlord doesn’t do anything at all to collect land rent, that’s why they call them rentiers .... This practice is a carry-over from the Norman Conquest and its absentee landlord class.

...since Margaret Thatcher led Britain down the road to debt peonage and rent serfdom by privatizing ... infrastructure, she and her emulators in other countries turned them into toll booth economies. The resulting economic rent takes the form of a rise in prices to cover interest, stock options, soaring executive salaries and underwriting fees. The economy ends up being turned into a collection of tollbooths instead of factories. So, you can think of rent as the “right” or special legal privilege to erect a tollbooth and say, “You can’t get television over your cable channel unless you pay us, and what we charge you is anything we can get from you.”

... This price doesn’t have any relation to what it costs to produce what they sell. Such extortionate pricing is now sponsored by U.S. diplomacy, the World Bank, and what’s called the Washington Consensus forcing governments to privatize the public domain and create such rent-extracting opportunities.

... The key to the Austrian School [people like von Mises and von Hayek and the Chicago School] is their hatred of labor and socialism. [In Austro-Hungary] It saw the danger of democratic government spreading to the Habsburg Empire, and it said, “The one thing we have to stop is democracy [Republics]. Their idea of a free market was one free of democracy and of democratic government regulating and taxing wealthy rentiers.

... Above all, they opposed governments creating their own money, e.g. as the United States did with its greenbacks in the Civil War. They wanted to privatize money creation in the hands of commercial banks, so that they could receive interest on their privilege of credit creation and also to determine the allocation of resources.

... Real serfdom was when families had to pay all their income to the landlords as rent. Centuries of classical economists backed democratic political reform of parliaments to roll back the landlords’ power (and that of bankers). But Hayek [absurdly] claimed that this rollback was the road to serfdom, not away from it. He said democratic regulation and taxation of rentiers is serfdom. In reality, of course, it’s the antidote [to serfdom].

... So the objectives of the financial sector – of Wall Street, the City of London or Frankfurt in Germany – is to obtain the land. You can look at what’s happening in Greece. What its creditors, the IMF and European Central Bank (ECB) want are the Greek islands, and they want the gas rights in the Aegean Sea. They want whatever buildings and property there is, including the museums.

... Matters are not so much different in the private sector. If you can get a company or individual into debt, you can strip away the assets they have when they can’t pay. A Hayek-style government would block society from protecting itself against such asset stripping. Defending “property rights” of creditors, such “free market” ideology deprives the rest of the economy – businesses, individuals and public agencies.

... In America, in colonial times, sharpies (especially from Britain) would lend farmers money that they knew the farmer couldn’t pay, then they would foreclose just before the crops came in. Right now you have corporate raiders, who are raiding whole companies by forcing them into debt, and then smashing and grabbing. You now have the IMF, European Central Bank and Washington Consensus taking over whole countries like Ukraine. The tactic is to purposely lend them the money that clearly cannot be repaid, and say, “Oh you cannot pay? Well, we’re not going to take a loss. We have a solution.” The solution is to sell off public enterprises, land and natural resources. In Greece’s case, 50 billion euros of its property, everything that it has in the public sector. The country is to be sold off to foreigners (including domestic oligarchs working out of their offshore accounts). Debt leverage is thus the way to achieve what it took armies to win in times past.

... [The U.S.] has created a new iron curtain. Two years ago, Greece was supposed to privatize 5 billion euros of its public domain. Half of this, 2.5 billion, was to be the sale of its gas pipeline. But the largest bidder was Gazprom, and America said, “No, you can’t accept the highest bidder if its Russian.” Same thing in Ukraine. It has just been smashed economically, and the U.S. says, “No Ukrainian or Russian can buy into the Ukrainian assets to be sold off. Only George Soros and his fellow Americans can buy into this.” This shows that the neoliberalism of free markets, of “let’s everybody pay the highest price,” is only patter talk. If the winner in the rigged market is not the United States, it sends in ISIS or Al Qaeda and the assassination teams, or backs the neo-Nazis as in Ukraine.

... Basically, US/NATO strategists want to make sure, by destroying Ukraine’s eastern export industry, that Ukraine will be chronically bankrupt and will have to settle its balance-of-payments deficit by selling off its private domain to American, German and other foreign buyers.

... [Something] rarely mentioned is the way in which many regular working people get swindled. One example that comes to my mind is the mutual funds and other money managers that control what pension funds and lots of retirees invest in. Much of their savings are tied up in heavily leveraged junk bonds and in places like Greece, but also recently in Puerto Rico which is going through a very similar scenario right now. So in many ways, US taxpayers and pensioners are funding the looting and exploitation of these countries and they’re then financially invested in continuing the destruction of these countries. It’s almost like these pensioners are human shields for Wall Street.

... Over the past twenty years the American stock market has become a vehicle for corporate raiding, replacing equity with debt. ... The other point I’m making concerns economic rent. The guiding idea of an economic and tax system should be to lower the cost of living and doing business.
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Re: Get Smart Blog
« Reply #4 on: January 11, 2016, 12:31:56 pm »


[See reviews at and
Videos: ]

The following is from the book, Lies My Teacher Told Me.
These are chapter titles with some comments.

1. Handicapped by History: The Process of Hero Making
Examples: History never mentions that Helen Keller was a Socialist, or that President Woodrow Wilson was a Racist who supported the KKK.

2. The True Importance of Christopher Columbus
History ignores Pre-Columbus Contacts with the Americas.
And it ignores Columbus' Brutality and Racism.

3. The Truth about the First Thanksgiving
The Colonists would have failed without Native American assistance.

4. Red Eyes
5. "Gone with the Wind": The Invisibility of Racism in American History Books

6. John Brown and Abraham Lincoln: The Invisibility of Antiracism in American History Books

7. The Land of Opportunity
8. Watching Big Brother: What Textbooks Teach About the Federal Government [whitewashing]

9. See No Evil: Choosing Not to Look at the War in Vietnam [and U.S. lies about the war]

10. Down the Memory Hole: The Disappearance of the Recent Past
11. Progress Is Our Most Important Product [rationale of textbook authors]

12. Why Is History Taught Like This?
13. What Is the Result of Teaching History Like This?

14. Afterword: The Future Lies Ahead - and What to Do About Them

These are some of the topics listed in the Index:
abolitionists, African Americans, American exceptionalism [BS], American Indian Movement, anthropology, Bay of Pigs, Birth of a Nation [KKK crap], black nationalists, Brown vs Board of Education [successful prosecution by Blacks], capitalism [BS], carpetbaggers [actually good guys], civil rights movement, confederacy racial idealism [BS], cognitive dissonance, Columbus [brute]: flat earth fable; slave trade, cultural imperialism, Democratic Party of white supremicists, environmental problems [ignored by capitalism], foreign policy, Indian Wars, inequality, Iraq War, Iroquois, JFK opposed civil rights movement, Lost Colony [assimilated with native Americans], Mexican War [BS], multinational corporations, power elite theory wrong, race riots, religion, slavery, social class, states' rights, strikes, teachers, textbook adoptions, triracial societies, unions, upper class, women's history omission.
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Re: Get Smart Blog
« Reply #5 on: January 16, 2016, 08:15:23 pm »

Hey QB, sounds interesting. I'll check out your site soon. If it's well-organized, it would be very useful. If not, then it should get organized. Hope to talk to you soon.


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Re: Get Smart Blog (More History)
« Reply #6 on: January 17, 2016, 12:43:39 pm »


How Debt Conquered America for the 1% [Genocide against Native and African Slaves]

Government Deceptions: This webpage, , shows that English-speaking people are waking up to the reality of major government deceptions, like "false flag" attacks.

Here are 15 examples of False Flag attacks in recent history

False Flag attacks are those in which authorities in any nation arrange attacks on their own people by agents disguised as enemies, and then blame their enemies as the attackers, in order to garner support from their people for attacks on the enemies. The moral is, don't trust authorities/authoritarians about who our enemies are. Authoritarians themselves are our enemies. Right? Following are the 15 examples of false flag attacks, with references in links.

1. Nazi Germany (used a false flag attack) against Poland in 1939:
and against the USSR in 1942:
2. USSR against Finland in 1939:
3. U.S. against Iran in 1950s:
4. Conservative Italy against Communists in 1950s:,3604,462976,00.html
5. Algeria against Islamic militants in the 1990s:
6. Indonesia against Papuan separatists in 2002:
7. Macedonia against Islamists in 1990s:
8. U.S. against Iraq with anthrax in 2001:
9. U.S. against Iraq insurgents in 2005:
10. Israel against Palestinians in 2005:
11. Quebec, Canada against protestors in 2007:
12. Britain against G20 protestors in 2009:
13. Colombia against rebels:
14. U.S. against Afghan civilians:
15. Saudi Arabia against Russia:
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Re: Get Smart Blog (more on History & Economics)
« Reply #7 on: February 08, 2016, 12:50:59 am »


History of Western Progress & Regress
711-1492 Muslims in Spain started Europe's Golden Renaissance
(Andalusia, Gateway to the Golden Renaissance )
1120-1307 Knights Templar, Europe, this charity became wealthy, inspired Freemasons
1184-1230s Medieval Inquisition, France, Church vs heretics
1337-1453 Hundred Years War, English Royalty vs France
1346-1353 Black Death, pathogens vs humans
1430 Joan of Arc, France, inspired French nationalism
1440 Nicolas of Cusa, Italy, inspired science and commonwealth governments
1478-1834 Spanish Inquisition, Spain, Portugal & their colonies, Church authoritarians vs heretics
1492 Start of European expansion into the Americas
1618-1648 Thirty Years War, European authoritarian establishment vs commonwealths
1745 Bauer became Rothschild, Jewish goldsmith was father of 5 European bankers
1815 Nathan Rothschild became owner of Bank of England


Early History of Paper Money in the American English Colonies (See this link:)

Fiat money can be a good thing. The article explains that the American English Colonies prospered when they issued their own paper money in the mid 1700s. When the British 1% found out about it, they passed laws against it and sought to force the colonists to use only Bank of England money. This reduced the money in circulation so much that the colonists soon became as poor as the people of England. This was the main factor that led to the Revolutionary War. Money does not need to be backed by precious metals or anything else in order to serve as a medium of exchange. It need only be backed by the honesty of local self-government, i.e. the people.
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Re: Get Smart Blog (more on History & Economics)
« Reply #8 on: February 08, 2016, 04:21:46 pm »


History of Medical Corruption
Medical Control, Medical Corruption, By (libertarian) Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.
This is a 2 part posting in the Statist Health Endangerment Blog thread.

Conventional Corporate Medicine suppresses health info like the following.
Good & Bad Fats
The following information comes mostly from Mary Enig's article, Oiling of America, as at and . Mary Enig's website is at . The original article there explains that the major media conspired with other major corporations to give false reports about major scientific studies, like the Framingham study, claiming that saturated fats and cholesterol are unhealthful foods for humans, whereas the truth is the opposite, as explained below.

- Cholesterol and saturated fats are good fats. Hydrogenated oils and rancid oils or fats are bad fats.

- Most transfats are from partly hydrogenated vegetable oils, vegetable shortening and margarine, found in many processed foods. Natural transfats as in dairy are good. Hexane, one of the main hydrocarbons in gasoline, is used to make hydrogenated oil. Little, if any, hexane remains in the finished product, but it destroys virtually all nutrients in the oil, like vitamins. When these hydrogenated oil products first came out, doctors were concerned that they might lead to heart disease and cancer. These concerns were confirmed by research. Other problems have also been confirmed, though the media ignores these findings, due to food industry pressure. Following are confirmed problems caused by processed transfat consumption, along with source references.
- Hydrogenated oil does the following:
Reduces milk supply in breastfeeding women – 44. [See References below.]
Increases diabetes – 44.
Increases osteoporosis [brittle bones] – 45.
Lowers testosterone [mostly male hormone] – 45.
Lowers normal sperm count [making men infertile] – 45.
Changes gestation [fetal development] – 45.
Lowers birth weight – 46.
Lowers prostaglandins [hormone-like nutrients for muscle and blood vessel control] – 47.
Increases heart disease – 48, 53.
Increases breast cancer – 49.
Increases coronary heart disease [especially from margarine] – 50.
Fat in deep fried foods is up to 50% transfat – 51.
Increases cancer [from margarine & vegetable shortening] – 52.
Average consumption is at least 12 grams per day.
4 donuts or 6 cookies contain 30 grams.
One 10 oz. Bag of chips contains 46 grams.

Following are listed the benefits of saturated fats in the diet,
i.e. tallow [beef fat], lard [pork fat], butter, palm oil, coconut oil, meat, etc:
Improves immune system [to fight infections, colds etc] – 54.
Improves bones – 55.
Increases cell energy & improves cell structure – 56.
Protects the liver – 57.
Helps utilize essential fatty acids – 58.
Reduces need for cholesterol – 59.
Improves the heart – 59.
Does not irritate artery walls.
Reduces need for stored anti-oxidants.
Helps prevent cancer.

Following are some of the benefits of natural cholesterol:
Makes hormones that reduce stress.
Makes hormones that protect from heart disease and cancer.
Makes sex hormones for fertility and emotional balance.
Makes vitamin D for bones, nervous system, growth, mineral metabolism, muscle tone, insulin, reproduction, immune system, bile salts for digestion of fat.
Is an anti-oxidant to protect tissues from damage to prevent heart disease and cancer.
Is a repair substance for arteries - 60.
Increases serotonin in brain to make good feelings.
Reduces aggression, violence, depression, suicidal tendencies.
(Cholesterol in breast milk) greatly improves infants' brain development – 61.
Repairs intestinal walls.
Vegetarians tend to get leaky gut syndrome and other problems without cholesterol from animal products.
Shortage of fat and cholesterol in the diet produces nocturnal habits, fantasies, fetishes, bingeing, splurging, etc – 62.

- 44. B B Teter, et al, "Milk Fat Depression in C57B1/6J Mice Consuming Partially Hydrogenated Fat," Journal of Nutrition, 1990, 120:818-824; Barnard, et al, "Dietary Trans Fatty Acids Modulate Erythrocyte Membrane Fatty Acid Composition and Insulin Binding in Monkeys," Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry, 1990, 1:190-195
- 45. T Hanis, et al, "Effects of Dietary Trans Fatty Acids on Reproductive Perforamnce of Wistar Rats," British Journal of Nutrition, 1989, 61:519-529
- 46. B Koletzko and J Muller, "Cis- and Trans-Isomeric Fatty Acids in Polasma Lipids of Newborn Infants and Their Mothers," Biology of the Neonate, 1990, 57:172-178
- 47. D Horrobin, "The Regulation of Prostaglandin Biosynthesis by Manipultion of Essential Fatty Acid Metabolism," Reviews in Pure and Applied Pharmacological Sciences, 1983, 4:339-383
- 48. G V Mann, "Metabolic Consequences of Dietary Trans Fatty Acids," The Lancet, 1994, 343:1268-1271
- 49. L Kohlmeier, et al, "Stores of Trans Fatty Acids and Breast Cancer Risk, "Am J Clin Nutr, 1995, 61:896;A25
- 50. R P Mensink and M Katan, "Effect of Dietary Trans Fatty Acids on High-Density and Low-Density Lipoprotein Cholesterol Levels in Healthy Subjects," N Eng J Med, 1990, 323:439-445
- 51. M G Enig, et al, "Isomeric Trans Fatty Acids in the U.S. Diet," J Am Coll Nutr, 1990, 9:471-486
- 52. W C Willett, et al, "Consumption of Trans-Fatty Acids in Relation to Risk of Coronary Heart Disease Among Women," Society for Epidemiology Research, June 1992, Annual Meeting, Abstract 249
- 53. W C Willett, et al, "Intake of Trans Fatty Acids and Risk of Coronary Heart Disease Among Women," Lancet, 1993, 341:581-585
- 54. J J Kabara, The Pharmacological Effects of Lipids, J J Kabara, ed, The American Oil Chemists' Society, Champaign, IL, 1978, 1-14; L A Cohen, et al, J Natl Cancer Inst, 1986, 77:43
- 55. B A Watkins, et al, "Importance of Vitamin E in Bone Formation and in Chrondrocyte Function" Purdue University, Lafayette, IN, AOCS Proceedings, 1996; B A Watkins, and M F Seifert, "Food Lipids and Bone Health," Food Lipids and Health, R E McDonald and D B Min, eds, Marcel Dekker, Inc. New York, NY, p 101
- 56. J F Mead, et al, Lipids: Chemistry, Biochemistry and Nutrition, Plenum Press, 1986, New York
- 57. A A Nanji, et al, Gastroenterology, Aug 1995, 109(2):547-54; Y S Cha, and D S Sachan, J Am Coll Nutr, Aug 1994, 13(4):338-43
- 58. M L Garg, et al, The FASEB Journal, 1988, 2:(4):A852; R M Oliart Ros, et al, Meeting Abstracts, AOCS Proceedings, May 1998, p 7, Chicago, IL
- 59. L D Lawson and F Kummerow, "B-Oxidation of the Coenzyme A Esters of Vaccenic, Elaidic and Petroselaidic Acids by Rat Heart Mitochondria," Lipids, 1979, 14:501-503
- 60. E M Cranton and J P Frackelton, "Free Radical Pathology in Age-Associated Diseases: Treatment with EDTA Chelation, Nutrition and
Antioxidants," Journal of Holistic Medicine, Spring/Summer 1984, pp 6-37
- 61. H. Engleberg, "Low Serum Cholesterol and Suicide," Lancet, March 21, 1992, 339: 727-728
- 62. R B Alfin-Slater, and L Aftergood, "Lipids," Modern Nutrition in Health and Disease, 6th ed, 1980, R S Goodhart and M E Shils, eds, Lea and Febiger, Philadelphia, p 134
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Re: Get Smart Blog (Autyrism - Tyanny)
« Reply #9 on: March 31, 2016, 10:47:30 am »

Autyrism - Coining a New Term

Autyrism, a new term (pronounced au'-tir-iz-um), is practice of or support for authoritarian tyranny, abuse of power, abuse by authority, oppression, suppression, repression, or slavery. An autyrist is a person who engages in or supports autyrism. Autyrism can be conscious or unconscious. By far the most support for and practice of autyrism seems to be unconscious. Therefore, by raising consciousness about autyrism, it might be greatly reduced, if not defended by further autyrism. Most parenting, schooling, economics and government involve largely unconscious autyrism.

Science is also afflicted with unconscious autyrism. It pretends that many mainstream theories are facts, while all alternative theories are absurdities that don't deserve any respect, but instead must be ridiculed or shouted down. Examples of alternatives that are shouted down are those that disagree with: the Big Bang; other mainstream cosmological theory; global warming theory; evolution theory; old age of Earth theory; mainstream economic theory; and mainstream education theory.

Support for unschooling, including support for self-directed education, seems to come from all major divisions in society, such as liberals/progressives, libertarians, anarchists/agorists and conservatives (Are there moderates any more and are they left out?). Can we all come to have and show respect for both conventional and alternative science theories? Can we stop practicing autyrism ourselves toward those ideas we find implausible? Can we acknowledge that our ideas are mostly just theories, not facts? Should we not think in terms of probability, rather than certainty? The less knowledge we have in any field, the lower we should rate the probability of the ideas or theories that we favor. The greater our knowledge, the higher we may rate them, but we must avoid supposing that anything is 100% probable, other than our own consciousness. This way, we can have greater respect for others and have more humility ourselves. And we can increase our ability to learn more and increase knowledge and wisdom.

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Re: Get Smart Blog (Statist Science)
« Reply #10 on: April 26, 2016, 08:35:11 pm »

Statist Science: The Corruption of Science in America
Geophysicist J Herndon explains how the U.S. government corrupted science after World War II via the National Science Foundation, a government agency. He spells out 4 major flaws of the NSF and gives some history of science and its corruption.

Not even trying: the corruption of real science
"The destruction of real science was concealed by the escalation of hype and spin, thus science was gradually rebuilt as a Potemkin Village: a superficially-impressive façade of pseudo-knowledge concealing a morass of corrupt bureaucracy and mediocre careerism."

For Good Sci News, See "Major Science News Blog"


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Re: Get Smart Blog (WW2 History)
« Reply #11 on: May 12, 2016, 08:48:16 pm »

I found good evidence that the Jewish holocaust of WW2 is true at the first 2 links here, but evidence against it in the next links. I was surprised that the evidence against seems better than the evidence for it.

The Nizkor Project: What proof exists that the Nazis practiced genocide or deliberately killed six million Jews?

What is the best evidence that proves beyond reasonable doubt that the Holocaust occurred?

The Great Holocaust Mystery: Reconsidering the Evidence, Thomas Dalton

The Victories of Revisionism

It appears that some of the Zionists who wanted a homeland in Palestine for the Jews since the 1870s or so published claims in major newspapers periodically since that time that various countries in Europe were killing 5 or 6 million Jews. When the Allies conquered the Nazis, it seems that some of the Zionists were then eager to blame the Nazis for what they had previously blamed on other nations, i.e. the holocaust. This was persuasive for getting Jews to migrate to Israel and for getting donations to support the Zionist cause and Israel. I hope to research this in more detail shortly.

First Findings
Here are the first two online articles I've found of interest. The first one sounds plausible, although I hadn't heard this info before. The second article sounds much less plausible and it seems bigoted against Jews. I'll keep digging after this. But it appears that Zionists may have caused WW2.

The Zionist Jewish Role In Causing World War II

WORLD WAR II: The JEWS Declared War  -  AGAINST Germany, NOT the Other Way Around!
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Re: Get Smart Blog (WW2 History)
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Some more info sources on WW2 & Zionism:

Zionism in Britain: a Neglected Chronicle

Illuminati Bankers Hired Hitler to Start WW2 [Illuminati may not exist, but an Oligarchy does]

The Unknown History of the 1939 German-Polish Conflict: Britain & Poland Started the War



Stalin's Secret War Plans: Why Hitler Invaded the Soviet Union

President Roosevelt's Campaign To Incite War in Europe: The Secret Polish Documents

Israel & FDR’s Secret Correspondence with the Saudi King

Franklin Roosevelt, Founder of Israel? NO

A Tale of Lies, Deceit, and Terrorism: the Birth of Israel

Zionism: Zionism as Racism

How Zionism helped create the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

The Greatest Deception: How the zionist-cabal Masquerades Itself in the Muslim and Christian World

ISIS insurrection serves Israel’s interests
In 1986, the Israeli Mossad successfully executed the diversionary stratagem to frame Libya for terrorism.

Clinton to Donor: In Next War, I’ll Let Israel Kill 200,000, Not Just 2,000, Gazans
If elected president, Israel will be given license to kill Palestinians: Hillary Clinton
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Re: Get Smart Blog (WW2 History)
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I found good evidence that the Jewish holocaust of WW2 is true at the first 2 links here, but evidence against it in the next links. I was surprised that the evidence against seems better than the evidence for it.
There doesn't need to be evidence one way or the other.

If you question anything about "the Holocaust", you will be labeled an antisemite.

Getting into a debate about this stuff, or even talking about it is a mistake. In some places they will put you in jail.


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Re: Get Smart Blog (WW2 History)
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Then why are you talking about it here? And why are all the websites that talk about it not shut down?

Thanks for the warning, but I think it's important to discuss things to find out historical truth. Apparently, the revisionists have had a positive effect, as the truth seems to be coming out. I don't know what the overall truth is, but I read that the Auschwitz place changed their sign saying the number of holocaust victims there was much lower than initially claimed.


Hitler, a Zionist Jew
The Beer Hall Putsch

Mathis shows that Hitler was likely a Zionist Jew and his death was likely faked, as seems to be the case with many celebrities. This would explain why Hitler refused to supply the German troops in Russia with warm clothing for the cold winter there.

My INDEX of Miles Mathis Analyses of False Flags & Conspiracy starts at
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